How to Clear Your DNS Cache on Windows 10

DNS Flush

We’ll teach you how to clean your DNS cache on Windows in this article. This allows you to easily update DNS records saved on your device and assist you in troubleshooting website difficulties. Here’s a short rundown of everything we’ll be covering in this guide: What exactly is DNS Cache? …

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FIX: Your Virus And Threat Protection Is Managed By Your Organisation

After a malware attack, Windows Defender Settings interface may show the message Some settings are managed by your organization. Also, the real-time protection and cloud-based protection options may remain disabled. Here is how the Windows Defender Settings page might look like. The controls for real-time protection, cloud-based protection, and Automatic sample …

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FIX SATA HDD & SSD Shows As Removal Drive In Windows 10

Some Windows 10 users have reported concerns over the system thinking that their hard drives or SSDs are removable. If you’re experiencing the same, this article will help you resolve the issue. When Windows 10 thinks the hard drive is removable, it could also show your external USB flash drive in …

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When you install the drivers for an Nvidia GPU, they come packed with a couple of weighty pieces of software – Nvidia GeForce Experience and Nvidia Control Panel. At a glance, GeForce Experience jumps out at you more with its bold interface and options to auto-optimize your games. But it’s …

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