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Play Integrity API Checker can tell if your Android device is tampered or not

As an Android app developer, there are lots of explanation why you may need to make the most of an abuse detection mechanism to look at the goal device’s software program and {hardware} setting. Google’s SafetyNet Attestation API is one such anti-abuse API that enables app builders to evaluate the Android device their app is operating on. Nonetheless, it is going to be deprecated by 2024 in favor of the Play Integrity API. Naturally, the modding neighborhood will quickly want a sensible and easy-to-use technique to question Google Play Providers concerning the device integrity properties. This is the place Play Integrity API Checker is available in.

Created by Nikolas Spiridakis, aka XDA Senior Member 1nikolas, Play Integrity API Checker is a nifty app to find out the device integrity standing as reported by Google Play Providers. After putting in, all that you must do is hit the CHECK button and the app will do the remaining. The developer embraced the KISS precept (“Maintain It Easy Silly”), which is obvious from the UI design language.

Play Integrity API Checker status

Happily, the device integrity verdict mapping between the SafetyNet Attestation API and the Play Integrity API is pretty easy. In a nutshell, the “MEETS_BASIC_INTEGRITY” property of the latter is equal to the “basicIntegrity” attribute of SafetyNet. Add the “ctsProfileMatch” below primary analysis on prime of that and you’re going to get the equal of “MEETS_DEVICE_INTEGRITY” within the new API. Lastly, to get a inexperienced tick beside the “MEETS_STRONG_INTEGRITY” property, the device should fulfill the hardware-backed SafetyNet attestation.

SafetyNet Attestation API and Play Integrity API verdict mapping

Notably, numerous departure occasions from the inventory configuration may result in Play Integrity violations. On a contemporary Android device, an unlocked bootloader is sufficient to journey the abuse detection system. Understand that the app gained’t allow you to modify the Play Integrity standing of your device — it merely displays the standing from the angle of Google Play Providers. Nonetheless, energy customers can nonetheless use quite a lot of workarounds to go Google’s SafetyNet attestation and related anti-abuse  checks with out breaking any components of the system.

If you wish to give Play Integrity API Checker a strive, obtain the app from the Google Play hyperlink under. For any app builders that learn this, the app is open supply, so that you can check out the codebase, submit new patches, or compile the app your self.

Supply: XDA Boards
Through: Mishaal Rahman



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