Samsung Galaxy X Release Date: Foldable smartphone news, rumours and specs


The MWC 2017, news has emerged that Samsung has now trademarked the Galaxy X moniker. According to related rumors, there will, in fact, be two Galaxy X models, the SM-X9000 Galaxy X1 and the SM-X9050 Galaxy X1+.Samsung Galaxy x is going to come in two variant according to the rumors.

Alternatively, there may simply be a dearth of leaks due to tight corporate protocol, so it’s important not to read too much into this. Don’t forget that Samsung has shown significant interest in foldable phones in the past, so it’s likely that such a move is still on the agenda.


Samsung’s hesitance to reveal the Galaxy X has been linked to worries about the device’s profitability, confirmed by chief engineer Kim Tae-Woong in an interview with the Korea Herald, suggesting we might not see the Galaxy X in its final form till 2019.

However, Recent rumors suggest that foldable handsets built by Samsung will be ready by the end of 2017 and that prototypes are already well into development. However, there’s no firm release date for the supposed Galaxy X smartphone.


The main rumor is that the phone will fold in some way, potentially using a flexible OLED panel and some kind of segmented design.This design could allow the handset to switch between smartphone and tablet form factors, and perhaps even a wearable option, the concept is to build a “Flexible OLED Display Phone and Tab”.One outlandish claim in this report predicts the Samsung Galaxy X will feature a 4K resolution screen, certainly making it quite a showstopper. However, 4K seems ambitious for something utilizing what is very new technology. SAMSUNG GALAXY X

One of the latest rumors from the Samsung Galaxy X rumor mill is the possibility that the foldable will boast a dual camera setup. While not much else is known about this, it would pit the Samsung Galaxy X against other highly rumored smartphones that are also set to have a dual camera.


Considering that Samsung is rumored to be limiting the initial run of Galaxy X smartphones, it’s likely that the phone would be expensive. That’s almost certainly guaranteed given the likelihood of increased hardware costs, plus the fact that the recently launched Galaxy S8 starts from £689 in the UK. Of course, we’re not even sure the Galaxy X phone exists at this point, so speculating on price is very difficult at this stage.


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