Savvy Tips To Get A Suitable Camera Lens For Your Smartphone

Smartphone cameras have come a long way since they were first introduced, and the technology behind the resulting images from their cameras have also grown drastically. This has given modern smartphone cameras a competing edge over some digital cameras including improvements for better footage made to nanny cams with audio capabilities.

Even though till date we cannot say smartphone cameras have totally replaced the filters and editing tools from apps like Instagram and Snapchat. If you have enough information about each smartphone’s camera specification, then you would know which device will best suit your need.

To be able to transform your mobile photos into quality pictures you have to consider getting a quality lens for your smartphone camera.

Features Of A Smartphone Camera Lens

Smartphone camera lenses are meant to take your experiences above what you get with the traditional phone camera. With most of the smartphone camera lenses, you get to experience the tiniest detail of your photo subject.

Most smartphone camera lenses come with the following features:

  • Megapixel
    This is the millions of pixels with which the resolution of an image is represented. Usually seen as the most important factor when buying smartphones. It is believed that the higher the pixel count, the better the image quality but this only represents the image resolution.
  • Image Stabilization (OIS)
    This feature represents the power the camera lens has over stabilizing a shot. Optical image stabilization minimizes possibilities of getting a blurred image or video when taking a picture or making a footage in an unstable environment.
  • Aperture
    Aperture comes after the megapixel feature during smartphone camera lens specification, as it helps to regulate the overall sharpness of an image. This feature is an opening in a camera lens that determines the amount of light the camera sensor is bound to accept. Which means, the bigger the aperture, the sharper the resulting image.
  • Camera Flash
    This is a feature that helps the camera to produce good pictures when used under low light conditions. They majorly come in LED and True Tone LED flashes and both forms of camera flash have different price specification. But significantly, either form of the camera flash is there to help manage the lighting of the photo subject in the dark.

Smartphone camera lenses come in all shapes and sizes, some which have extended features and others with minimal features. There are also different manufacturers of smartphone camera lenses, follow the guide below to get familiar with what to look out for when buying a camera lens for your phone.

Buying A Smartphone Camera Lens

The ultimate step to surpass any barrier with your love for mobile photography is to realize the ease that can come with buying a camera lens. The solution here is to help you recognize the quality of lenses to know the exact fit for your photography needs.

  • Aesthetics: The quality of construction plays an important role in determining the kind of lens you will opt in for. Quality lenses have multi-coated and multi-element arrangements that provide great quality devices meant for eliminating distortion.
  • Convenience: The lens of choice should have the portability of a phone accessory that will make it easier to carry around.
  • Image Quality: The camera lens needs to be sound enough to determine the quality of the resulting image.
  • Ease Of Use: Opt-in for a camera lens with less difficult mounting processes and it also shouldn’t be too weighty to distort your ease of shooting with it.
  • Versatile Lens: The view of your preferred lens should be versatile enough to cover tons of variety (wide-angle lens, a macro lens, and a fisheye lens) to help you improve your photos.
  • Budget: Accessory lenses have taken a wide turn of events since they first came into the picture as an add-on to smartphones. Your budget is an unavoidable concern but smartphone lenses have moved beyond plastics that produce low image quality. But you can stick to spending as little or as much as you can afford on accessory lenses.

Smartphone camera lenses are an addition to the traditional camera your phone comes with by default. Being compared to a nanny cam left at home before making a few days trip, one would realize that it adds a bit of ease to our lives. It’s usually interesting to look forward to a leisure or work trip while having a camera accessory that’ll improve the image quality of your photo documentation. This is why when investing, into these set of tiny devices, one has to do it with utmost clarity of what purpose the accessory will serve.

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