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How to Fix AdSense Earning at Risk | Ads.txt File Missing

Fix Adsense Earning at Risk

What exactly is ads.txt? It is a text file approved by the IAB that attempts to prevent illegal inventory sales. The Ads.txt file protects publishers against ad fraud and may improve ad income. Google’s advertising networks, such as Google Adsense, Doubleclick, and Ad Exchange, are helping the effort. How does …

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How to Change Your WordPress Login Page URL with Plugin

wordpress login page url

You can easily create a custom login URL if you want to take your WordPress login page customization to the next level. This can also improve the security of your website. WordPress comes with two default login URLs: WordPress users will find it easier to remember where to …

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How to Change the WordPress Login Logo Using a Plugin

Wordpress login logo change

WordPress adds its own logo to the login page of new installations by default. This isn’t a big deal if you’re the only one who uses this portal. However, if you share it with users, subscribers, or even just team members, it’s a good idea to change your WordPress login …

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Download Free LoginPress PRO v2.2.2 WordPress Plugin

LoginPress PRO WordPress Plugin v.2.2.2 Free Download | LoginPress PRO v2.2.2 WordPress Plugin gives you and your users the impression of being a custom login page and part of the site’s layout. You should watch the Demo video on how to customize the WordPress login page. The LoginPress WordPress Plugin …

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How to Clear Your DNS Cache on Windows 10

DNS Flush

We’ll teach you how to clean your DNS cache on Windows in this article. This allows you to easily update DNS records saved on your device and assist you in troubleshooting website difficulties. Here’s a short rundown of everything we’ll be covering in this guide: What exactly is DNS Cache? …

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Top 10 Professional Video Editing Tips And Techniques

Let’s dig right in! Start with watching video editing tutorials Video editing is not a cakewalk. Therefore, beginners need to go through useful tutorials either on YouTube or other learning websites to understand this process in a bit more detail. Most of the tutorials are available for free, which makes …

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How to install the Yoast SEO Premium plugin for WordPress

free Yoast SEO

In this post, I’m going to explain how to install the Yoast SEO Premium plugin. Getting the Premium plugin to work consists of three steps: Downloading the plugin Installing the plugin Connecting your subscription Okay, first of all, you need to download the Premium plugin. Go to MyYoast and make …

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