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7 New Control Decks With Dominaria United: Builds for Standard, Explorer, and Historic • MTG Arena Zone

7 New Control Decks With Dominaria United: Builds for Standard, Explorer, and Historic • MTG Arena Zone

Dominaria United has introduced a number of very highly effective instruments for management decks. There are items of interplay but in addition threats or utility spells. On this article, I’ll current you with decklists for management decks in Explorer, Historic, and Customary! Every part will concentrate on a distinct card.

Liliana of the Veil

It nonetheless feels unreal that Liliana of the Veil herself will get reprinted. She didn’t dominate Customary when she was initially authorized however she definitely terrorized Fashionable for a very long time. Now, she comes again and she will get one other shot at making an attempt to warp the format. The cardboard’s major function was to play an attrition sport, however targeted on stripping down assets slightly than accumulating them. Gameplay-wise, it’s an attention-grabbing swap of dynamics in comparison with all of the playing cards whose function is to attract a card in some form of type upon entry.

She has seen some occasional management play, however not an excessive amount of. I feel the decrease the facility degree of the format, the extra she’ll warrant an inclusion as enjoying a elimination spell into Liliana minus goes to warp video games. Realistically, she’d be higher in management decks a bit much less targeted on holding up countermagic, however extra elimination and probably tapping out.

The situation that you just’re taking pictures for is instant -2 upon entry and then you may determine whether or not to tick it up or not. It’s price mentioning that you just don’t have to make use of any of her skills each flip. Generally you may maintain off; it’s not a contest who will get to the final word sooner. Talking of, the final word shouldn’t be as sport successful as another walkers’ ultimates like Teferi, Hero of Dominaria. Nevertheless, for a 3-mana walker, it’s nonetheless fairly game-changing. If you happen to’ve managed the sport efficiently, it would simply be a triple Stone Rain. A standard break up is spells vs lands within the assumption that you’re both going to have the option to play spells, however the board is empty otherwise you gained’t play Magic and the board is the one factor that you just’ve acquired entry to. The stress is on you, the Liliana participant, to offer them a tricky alternative. You don’t desire a scenario when the board is stored and you die to what’s already there.

Historic Dimir Control

by DoggertQBones



finest of three

3 mythic

44 uncommon

9 unusual

4 widespread

60 Playing cards

15 Playing cards

On this Historic Dimir shell, she’s going to be significantly efficient due to Yahenni’s Experience . She’s additionally paired with discard to actually poke holes within the opponent’s sport plan. If you happen to’re empty handed, Narset, Parter of Veils goes to shine. You’ll be able to play Narset, then activate Liliana, and after the flexibility has resolved, activate Narset.

Explorer Grixis Control

by Skura

6 mythic

34 uncommon

16 unusual

4 widespread

The thought within the Explorer shell is analogous. We pair Thoughtseize with Liliana and all the standard management instruments you’d anticipate.

Tolarian Terror

This card may see play in tempo-style decks as poor man’s Murktide Regent, but in addition in management decks as a top-end finisher. The thought is that you just’d play the sport as you usually would, and sooner or later, you’d drop a giant Serpent for measly one mana. It’s an enormous physique and even has a little bit of safety inbuilt.

Because of it’s low cost price, assuming you play it for 1-2 mana, you may nonetheless maintain up extra interplay and countermagic for opposing stuff. You’ll be able to additional shield it with countermagic, however at all times make the opponent pay the Ward price earlier than you play your Cancel. The very last thing price remembering is that it appears to be like on the graveyard, however doesn’t exile something like Murktide Regent would. Which means that you would be able to arrange turns once you play a number of of those.

Customary Jeskai Control

by Skura

4 mythic

35 uncommon

5 unusual

16 widespread

I’d play it in a spell-focused shell. There isn’t any cute self-mill, you replenish your graveyard as you go. Fable of the Mirror-Breaker may probably allow you to fill it up sooner due to its second chapter’s discard.

Lower Down

At first look, plainly there isn’t any motive to play Lower Down when there’s Deadly Push. Nevertheless, Customary doesn’t have Deadly Push, so Lower Down can shine. In Explorer and Historic the place you do have Push, it’s nonetheless fairly robust to activate revolt, so if there are quite a lot of 3-4 drops that Lower Down would kill with out the necessity for Revolt, it would change into higher.

As of now, I’d focus extra on Customary and use Lower Down Down as the very best Deadly Push impersonation.


by Skura

6 mythic

35 uncommon

8 unusual

11 widespread

It is a traditional Esper shell with Lower Down being the first early sport elimination. You may strive going for pure Dimir, however I counsel towards it. Play The Wandering Emperor should you can.


Whereas it’s apparent when a strong elimination spell is printed, it could be a bit much less so for playing cards that don’t do something flashy or have an effect on the battlefield. Right here, we’re coping with a card choice spell that appears on the prime 4 playing cards instantaneous pace. For individuals who haven’t performed with such results – 4 playing cards is lots, and I imply lots. The important thing to play this card is for you to establish what you’re looking for when casting it. If you happen to forged it for the sake of casting it, you may probably not benefit from the impact. Earlier than you place it on the stack, as your self whether or not you want card benefit, some form of interplay, or a win situation.

Whereas generally it’s okay to carry off casting a cantrip, it’d nonetheless forged Impulse if there’s nothing else occurring. Going 4 deep is efficacious and it could be robust to in any other case squeeze in a two mana spell.

Final however not least, such playing cards worth goes up immensely post-board once you’re actively looking for a hate card. If there’s a three-mana hate piece you’re trying for, you’ll be 14 playing cards deep, counting your opener and draw steps till flip three and Impulse.

Joint Exploration

It is a card I anticipate to be performed in Customary. It’s a twist on Preordain, Omen of the Sea, and Development Spiral. With out the kicker it will not be performed as you’ve got the aforementioned Impulse. Nevertheless, Kicker makes it distinctive sufficient that it warrants inclusion in some decks. If you happen to ever forged it previous flip three, you may kick it and ramp a bit. In management decks whose curves are naturally larger than regular, it’s fascinating to have extra lands. Moreover, it lets you both deploy a dearer spell earlier like Farewell or begin multispelling earlier.

Customary Bant Control

by Skura

4 mythic

40 uncommon

9 unusual

7 widespread

Short-term Lockdown

It is a model of the digital-only Divine Purge. I’ve lengthy thought that three mana mass elimination may be very robust, and playing cards like Anger of the Gods are underplayed. By the identical token, I reckon Lockdown will likely be performed in Explorer due to being so low cost. The factor is, generally you’re simply too sluggish to play Supreme Verdict; a one flip distinction is a ton in Magic phrases as one flip later can be one fight later. It additionally signifies that after the mass elimination, your opponent will forged a stronger spell or will forged a number of spells.

Lockdown will shine towards low-to-the-ground aggressive decks that naturally play quite a lot of one and two drops. Your Mono Crimson opponent may assume that their triple one drop opener is a simple win and certainly it will be usually, however (*7*)Short-term Lockdown turns the tide closely within the management’s favour.

Lockdown exiles not solely creatures, however all nonlands so it impacts Meals, Clue, or Treasure tokens. Watch out not to decide on enchantments together with your Farewell as you’d carry again all of the permanents beforehand exiled with Lockdown.

5 mythic

42 uncommon

8 unusual

5 widespread

Explorer Esper Control

by Skura

4 mythic

43 uncommon

9 unusual

4 widespread


Clearly, the set has reinvigorated management and if you’re a management afficionado, like I personally am, you’re going to get pleasure from brewing round with all these instruments. The record I’ve given are a place to begin for you to additional discover the probabilities that DMU has introduced us with.


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