Home News A 2D Dark Souls Game Was Pitched In 2016, And It Looked Badass

A 2D Dark Souls Game Was Pitched In 2016, And It Looked Badass

A 2D Dark Souls Game Was Pitched In 2016, And It Looked Badass

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Earlier at the moment, artist Thomas Feichtmeir dropped an attention-grabbing piece of stories on his Twitter feed: again in 2016 he was a part of a pitch that wished to reimagine Dark Souls 3 (or at the least its world) as a 2D Metroidvania recreation.

With an NDA he signed over the challenge now expired, he was for the primary time in six years allowed to speak about—and share a single picture—of what the challenge might have seemed like.

This appears cool! Earlier than you go screaming at Bandai Namco for not approving it, although, know that this type of stuff—particularly, folks and studios pitching initiatives involving a writer’s IP—occurs on a regular basis. We simply not often get to listen to about it, or see the outcomes.

I spoke to Feichtmeir—a pixel artist who has labored on a bunch of video games, from Blasphemous to Songs of Conquest—earlier at the moment, who as a part of the NDA he signed is capable of now present his work and discuss a little bit about it, however not discuss a lot about it.

The artwork was created round 2016 as everybody wished to have a cool 2D, Soulslike Metroidvania, because the style was new and the starvation for a recreation like this sturdy”, he says. “In fact somebody needed to attempt a pitch to Bandai Namco.”

Together with his expertise as a pixel artist, Souls neighborhood member and YouTuber, Feichtmeir can see why he was chosen to assist out on the pitch. Sadly it by no means went anyplace—like I mentioned, pitches are available in and get rejected on a regular basis—however you might argue that a part of its spirit would finally discover its option to one other recreation.

A lot of individuals [on Twitter] identified that this appears loads like Blasphemous, with which they’re proper and it additionally makes quite a lot of sense, as a couple of years later I truly would work on Blasphemous as an artist”, he says. I wrote about Blasphemous again in 2017, only a 12 months after this pitch, and mentioned it was mainly a “2D Dark Souls”, so there you go.

“I hope you take pleasure in wanting on the artwork as a lot as I had enjoyable creating it again then”, Feichtmeir tells me. “It’s cool to lastly have the ability to share it in any case this time.”


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