Home News AirTag-like trackers for Android’s Find My Device network will ship in May

AirTag-like trackers for Android’s Find My Device network will ship in May

AirTag-like trackers for Android’s Find My Device network will ship in May

Google today revealed that the Find My Device network is going live on Android starting this week, but the best part of the network is a ways off. AirTag-like trackers for Android won’t be coming until May 2024.

The Find My Device network allows Android phones around the world to work together to track not only phones, but other offline objects such as headphones and dedicated tracking devices. That includes devices that function a lot like Apple’s AirTag, which relies on a near-identical network that’s powered by iPhones, except this time using Android phones and working through services built into Android phones.

Last year, when Google first announced the network, we also got news on a few new trackers that will support the network from Chipolo and Pebblebee. These trackers have been available for pre-order since May 2023, and units will finally start shipping in May, both companies have confirmed.

Pebblebee confirmed this week that it will start shipping Tag, Card, and Clip units designed to work with Android’s Find My Device network in “late May.” The company will also sell its trackers through the Google Store starting in June. Pre-orders are open now on Pebblebee’s website. The Tag and Card cost $34.99, while Clip is $29.99.

Also shipping in May will be Chipolo’s duo of Find My Device-compatible trackers. Chipolo tells us that both of its trackers will start shipping on May 27 from the company’s website and will be available at Amazon and other retailers in July.

The Chipolo One Point and One Card (pictured at the top of this article) run $28 and $35, respectively, and are available for pre-order now.

This late May release date for Find My Device network-compatible trackers puts the launch about a year after Google first released the Android feature. The lengthy timeline was due to a hefty delay that was waiting on Apple to build tracking protections into iOS, which is finally arriving in iOS 17.5.

These trackers will work natively in Android, as Google shared a demo of what it will look like below.

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