Home News AMD Radeon RX 7900XT rumored to feature 20GB GDDR6 memory – VideoCardz.com

AMD Radeon RX 7900XT rumored to feature 20GB GDDR6 memory – VideoCardz.com

AMD Radeon RX 7900XT rumored to feature 20GB GDDR6 memory – VideoCardz.com

Please notice that this put up is tagged as a rumor.

AMD RX 7900XT rumored to feature 4GB extra memory than RX 6900XT

In accordance to Wccftech sources, Radeon RX 7900XT RDNA3 GPU is claimed to feature 20GB of VRAM. This reportedly not the flagship mannequin, although.  

AMD Radeon RX 7900 sequence are to be introduced in lower than 2 weeks, which implies that board companions ought to have already got all of the vital data on subsequent-gen AMD GPUs. Wccftech citing their sources confirmed at the moment that RX 7900XT will pack 20GB of memory. That is really not new data as a result of Navi 31 GPU was anticipated to feature a 320-bit variant. Nonetheless, that is the primary time a selected GPU mannequin is being talked about with this memory capability.

The rumored RX 7900XT would feature 20GB GDDR6 memory of unknown velocity together with a 320-bit bus. If for any purpose AMD would maintain its RDNA2 high 18 Gbps GDDR6 velocity, that may give 720 GB/s of bandwidth, 144 GB/s quicker than RX 6950XT. And that’s not even together with the brand new Infinity Cache dimension, which is anticipated to be at the least 96MB on the complete chip. And talking of high SKU, it speculated that RX 7950XT is to feature 24GB of GDDR6 memory with full 384-bit memory bus. This was not confirmed by anybody but, although.

AMD Navi 3X GPU Household, Supply: @Wild_C

The RX 7900 sequence are believed to feature Navi 31 GPU with up to 12288 Stream Processors. That is AMD’s first client chiplet design for the Radeon sequence, that includes a big graphics and memory dies on a single package deal. The renders posted above are a fan-made visualizations by Wild_C based mostly on the latest leaks. A full Navi 3X (RDNA3) GPU specs had been already posted by Angstronomics, who had a stellar observe report so far.

Navi 31 Navi 32 Navi 33
• gfx1100 (Plum Bonito)
• Chiplet – 1x GCD + 6x MCD (0-hello or 1-hello)
• 48 WGP (96 legacy CUs, 12288 ALUs)
• 6 Shader Engines / 12 Shader Arrays
• Infinity Cache 96MB (0-hello), 192MB (1-hello)
• 384-bit GDDR6
• GCD on TSMC N5, ~308 mm²
• MCD on TSMC N6, ~37.5 mm²
• gfx1101 (Wheat Nas)
• Chiplet – 1x GCD + 4x MCD (0-hello)
• 30 WGP (60 legacy CUs, 7680 ALUs)
• 3 Shader Engines / 6 Shader Arrays
• Infinity Cache 64MB (0-hello)
• 256-bit GDDR6
• GCD on TSMC N5, ~200 mm²
• MCD on TSMC N6, ~37.5 mm²
• gfx1102 (Hotpink Bonefish)
• Monolithic
• 16 WGP (32 legacy CUs, 4096 ALUs)
• 2 Shader Engines / 4 Shader Arrays
• Infinity Cache 32MB
• 128-bit GDDR6
• TSMC N6, ~203 mm²

Alleged ultimate Navi 3X GPU specs, Supply: Angstronomics

Not too long ago, energy provide maker Enermax listed as many as 4 RX 7000 fashions together with estimated energy consumption for every mannequin. This data has already been faraway from the web site, so it’s not clear if it was inaccurate or AMD merely ‘requested’ that this data shouldn’t be make public simply but.

AMD confirmed yesterday they are going to have a livestreamed occasion devoted to RDNA3 GPUs on November third. Some board companions even affirm that they ‘prepared’, which most likely implies that customized playing cards are prepared as nicely.

Rumored AMD Radeon RDNA Collection
VideoCardz.com GPU Stream Processors Memory Memory Velocity TBP MSRP
AMD Radeon RX 7000 Collection
RX 7950XT 5nm Navi 31 TBC TBC
RX 7900XT 5nm Navi 31 TBC TBC
AMD Radeon RX 6000 Collection
RX 6950 XT 7nm Navi 21 KXTX
RX 6900 XT 7nm Navi 21 XTX
RX 6800 XT 7nm Navi 21 XT
RX 6800 7nm Navi 21 XL
RX 6750 XT 7nm Navi 22 XT
RX 6700 XT 7nm Navi 22 XT

Supply: Wccftech


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