Home News An EMMC Gives Up Its Secrets

An EMMC Gives Up Its Secrets

An EMMC Gives Up Its Secrets

An rising phenomenon over time since cellphones morphed from merely telephones into common function pocket computer systems has been that of the lifeless machine taking with it some treasured digital useful resource. Usually this implies the machine has died, however doesn’t essentially imply that that the info has utterly gone. Contained in the machine can be an eMMC flash chip, and if that may be learn then the info is secure. This is applicable to some single board computer systems too, and thus [Jeffmakes]’ adventures in recovering an eMMC from a lifeless Raspberry Pi CM4 are significantly attention-grabbing.

The entire thing depends on the eMMC presenting the identical interface as an SD card, so whereas it is available in a multi-pin BGA bundle it may be addressed with surprisingly few wires. Utilizing the PCB from one other lifeless CM4 he traced the related connections from eMMC to SoC pads, and was thus ready with some very positive soldering to assemble an interface for an SD card reader. The disk may then be imaged in its entirety.

This work can be of giant use to experimenters who’ve fried their Compute Modules, however after all the knowledge it accommodates may also be of use to retrieve these images from the telephone that fell within the tub. It’s not the primary time we’ve taken a have a look at somebody’s efforts on this space.


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