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ASUS ROG OLED monitor to feature switchable Full-HD/480Hz and 4K/240Hz modes –

ASUS has a “Dual-HZ” OLED monitor too

The company is introducing PG32UCDP gaming monitor with two resolution & refresh rate modes. 

Technically speaking, this is not the world’s first monitor featuring a feature to switch between Ultra-Fast and Ultra-HD modes. Just hours before ASUS, LG has confirmed its 32GS95UE monitor featuring nearly identical specs. It is safe to assume that both companies are using similar OLED panels that allow quick switching between different modes.

PG32UCDP teaser, Source: ASUS

These modes include a resolution of 1920×1080 at a refresh rate of 480 Hz and a resolution of 3840×2160 with a panel speed of 240Hz. The ASUS ROG monitor seems to offer comparable functionality for quick mode selection, depending on users’ preferences. LG has promoted the 480Hz mode as suitable for fast-paced shooters, whereas the 4K resolution is recommended for story-driven games.

PG32UCDM, Source: ASUS

In terms of design, the recently unveiled PG32UCDP monitor seems to closely resemble the PG32UCDM, both being 32 inches with a 4K resolution, a 240Hz refresh rate, and an OLED display. Characterized by a sleek bezel, passive cooling, and integrated KVM switching, this new ROG monitor shares key features with its predecessor. The new model likely extends upon this design and concept by introducing two additional resolution/refresh rate modes. Both monitors are expected to make their debut in 2024.


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