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Best 9 Free EQ VST Plugins In 2021 For Mixing and Mastering

Best 9 Free EQ VST Plugins In 2021 For Mixing and Mastering

Anyone who is familiar with the idea of music production knows the EQ plugins are the most frequently used plugins. Using an EQ plugin allows the music producer to perform a wide range of invasive actions. One can cut the frequencies or boost them as per need and preference. An EQ plugin can also be employed to add some warmth to the user’s audio track.

While every DAW necessarily comes with one Equalization (EQ) plugin, at the least. However, it is often not enough as every EQ plugin offers different sonic effects and characteristics. Thus, using more than one plugin can help the user add more effects to the track they are producing enhance the quality and feel of the same.

In this article we will be talking about such 9 EQ VST plugins that are available for use free of cost:

  1. TDR Nova EQ: This has been developed by the Tokyo Dawn Records and is suited for both Windows and Mac users. It is known for covering a wide range of applications. It is a parallel dynamic EQ. It exhibits four bands, all of which have a dynamic section which are loaded with various features. It also sports a high-pass and low-pass filter section. The UI is navigable and can be handled easily due to its innate intuitiveness. This is why it is often recommended to beginners.
  2. DDMF Colour EQ: This 64 bit plugin is known for offering five “super parametric” bands that can be used to modulate the range of frequency and becomes extremely helpful when a user wishes to use more than one band simultaneously. There are these gain knobs on each of these five bands that work intuitively. Owing to this, a perfect mixing can occur of these bands when the user is mixing and mastering the tracks using this EQ plugin.
  3. ReaEQ: This is brought to the users by Cockos as a part of the ReaPlugs VST FX Suite. However, it is only available for Windows users. It is an infinite impulse response EQ that has an unlimited number of bands. Besides, it also offers a large number of filter effects. In fact, it offers so much that one may think that it is a premium tool that has to be purchased, though it is available for absolutely free of cost.
  4. SPL Free Ranger: This plugin will offer the feel of the world-famous API 560 EQ but then it is available for free. It offers four bands and itself has a very simple and sleek design. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac.
  5. MEqualizer: This is from the house of Melda Productions that is known for creating very high-quality plugins. MEqualizer offers 6 bands. Each band has 7 different types of filters along with other features like integrated tube saturation and harmonics control. Another unique feature of the MEqualizer is its spectrum analyzer. This helps the user with better visualizations. While MEqualizer is a great tool, one can only download it as a part of the MFreeFXBundle that is a package of 20 different plugins from the house of Melda Productions. In keeping with its contemporaries, MEqualizer too is compatible with both Windows and Mac environments.
  6. SonEQ: From the house of Sonimus, SonEQ combines parts from vintage gears into one plugin that is available to both Windows and Mac users for free. This plugin offers three bands, bass, treble and middle with great control over them. In order to add warmth to the track, the user may use the bass boost feature in the preamp section. It offers high and low-pass filters. Essentially it combines all the great features of hardware into this one plugin that is very easily accessible, with a simplified and navigable interface.
  7. Marvel GEQ: This is a linear phase graphic equalizer that exhibits 16 bands and has the ability to support about 8 input and output channels for applications like high-quality streaming, sound, and music production. Hailing from the house of Voxengo, Marvel GEQ allows almost instantaneous EQ modulations that can be applied to both individual audio tracks or overall mixes.
  8. Triple EQ: Developed by Blue Cat, Triple EQ is a “semi-parametric” 3 band plugin that is famous for its versatility. Compatible with both Mac and Windows, this plugin offers a gain in the range of -/+ 40dB per band along with a wide range of bandwidth, ranging from 0.01 to 5 octave. The three bands are linked in such a way that with any change in the central bandwidth or frequency, the three filters are modified on their own, accordingly. All the characteristics can be regulated with just one mouse click.
  9. SlickEQ: Developed as a collaborative project between Tokyo Dawn Labs and Variety of Sound, it is designed primarily for the purpose of mixing and mastering. It has three and a half bands which are arranged in a “semi-parametric” fashion. It has 4 EQ modes, each of them different from one another. An automatic gain compensation tool is also featured in this plugin that adjusts the loudness that will be perceived by the user during any EQ function being operated.

 These were some of the best options available in the market for free EQ VST plugins in 2021. Users may, depending on their needs and preferences choose from the list above.



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