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Defend Your Valor – How to Defeat Valkyrie Queen Gna – God of War Ragnarok Wiki Guide – IGN

Defend Your Valor – How to Defeat Valkyrie Queen Gna – God of War Ragnarok Wiki Guide – IGN

Defend Your Valor is a Facet Quest Favor that’s accessed in the course of the Epilogue of God of War Ragnarok. This web page incorporates data on how to discover and defeat the Valkyrie Queen Gna – who’s the hardest non-obligatory boss in the whole sport.


The place to Discover Valkyrie Queen Gna

After you could have accomplished the Important Story of God of War Ragnarok, you’ll start a Submit Recreation exploration referred to as the Epilogue, and a number of other new options and quests might be unlocked. One of these is a brand new job to discover and get rid of the Remnants of Asgard, with Aesir enemies showing throughout many of the realms.

As you defeat these enemies, you might discover Lore Scrolls carried by the Aesir, handed out by the Valkyrie Queen Gna – and one of them will point out that she intends to regroup and fortify in a brief base in Muspelheim. Nonetheless, you don’t technically want to discover this word to unlock the search.

Journey to Muspelheim and go to the Crucible, and you must now have the opportunity to spot a small hole beneath a big wall on the south facet of the big central area. After crawling beneath, look down to spot a number of marks within the wall above the lava that you may latch onto utilizing the Blades of Chaos, main to a big platform with a campsite and a journal.

Earlier than Kratos can examine the journal, the Valkyrie Queen Gna – commander of Odin’s remaining forces – will ambush you, and goad you into battle.

Notice that she’s going to wait patiently for you to strategy or make the primary strike – providing you with time to retreat in case you are not prepared, and you must take this time to ensure you are completely prepared for what’s definitely the hardest battle in God of War Ragnarok.


How to Put together for the Queen Gna Boss Combat

  • Energy Degree: 9
  • Really useful Degree: 9
  • Rewards: The Queen’s Armor (Freya), The Queen’s Roar (Freya Runic Summon), Rond of Obliteration

Much more so than the Berserker King Hrolf Kraki, the Valkyrie Queen Gna is by far the hardest encounter in all of God of War Ragnarok – even on simpler difficulties!

At energy stage 9, it is completely important your individual energy stage to match. Even should you have been ready to beat the Berserker King at a decrease stage, this battle would require you to be in prime form. So as to attain stage 9, you may want to improve every bit of gear you could have, together with the next:

  • Discover each Frozen Flame, Chaos Flame, and Gale Flame to improve every of your weapons to their max stage
  • Have no less than one full set of Armor absolutely upgraded, and probably a backup set in order for you to check out totally different techniques.
  • Improve every Weapon Attachment, Protect, and Protect Rond geared up to their max stage. A lot of your gear will doubtless require excessive finish supplies gathered from Bersekers, Remnants of Asgard, and probably enemies and crystal fragments present in Vanaheim’s Crater.

Although not associated to your energy stage, you may additionally need to make sure all the pieces else is absolutely upgraded with obtainable XP – together with combine of quick and highly effective Runic Assaults (most ought to concentrate on single-goal or no less than quick-performing or staggering), a completely upgraded Relic, Rage, and Companion Weapon and Summon. You must also guarantee any expertise you employ towards bosses have been enhanced with added bonuses from finishing Talent Labors. Lastly, guarantee that you’ve a completely upgraded Amulet of Yggdrasil with all Jewels for the utmost quantity of Enchantments.

Really useful Armor and Gear

There are lots of methods to strategy this battle, and you must attempt to play to your strengths as a lot as potential utilizing gear that is acquainted to you by now. For those who’re on the lookout for a really helpful loadout, this is what we used to defeat Valkyrie Queen Gna.

We selected to maximize effectiveness with activating Realm Shifts, extending the period with the Bracers and Belt of Radiance, whereas maintaining the Dragon Scaled Breastplate to improve harm after blocks and parries. To increase effectiveness with Realm Shifting, we additionally geared up the Grip and Rond of the 9 Realms and Hilt of Hofud Relic to maintain a Realm Shift going even longer, additional bolstered by no less than 3 Alfheim Enchantments and Emblem of the 9 Realms Enchantment to improve harm throughout shifting. For different Enchantment slots, we geared up the Treatment of the Bifrost, Emblem of Elusion, Momentous Stride, and Stone Idol of Souls. For fast placing Runic Assaults we selected Winter’s Chunk, Hades Retribution, Nemean Crush, alongside the Huldra Cost and Leviathan’s Roar for the shielding, and Artillery of the Ancients for interrupting at vary. Lastly, in case of standing impact issues, we geared up Spartan Rage Valor for added heals and cleaning.

How to Defeat Valkyrie Queen Gna – Suggestions and Methods


An vital factor to know is that Valkyrie Queen Gna’s problem stems largely that you’ll not have the profit of regularly studying her totally different strikes in contrast to the development of Berserker fights main to King Hrolf Kraki. For those who keep in mind preventing Valkyrie Queen Sigrun within the earlier sport, you may be slightly higher ready, however it is going to be an extremely problem regardless.

Greater than some other battle, Gna is wildly unpredictable, and is ready to make the most of a number of totally different openings and comply with-ups to so much of her strikes. What may be a regular vast assault the primary time can simply grow to be an unblockable jab the subsequent, and you will want to watch her motion rigorously to react the moment you may spot totally different actions or warnings. Any assault she lands can deal a ton of harm, and in addition has not one however two unblockable grabs that may shortly kill you.

Whereas she’s going to acquire Runic Armor typically, rendering her immune to staggering from Runic Assaults, she is sort of prone be getting staggered from different hits, and typically you might discover that being aggressive in urgent your assault can maintain her from establishing her subsequent transfer – as she is far more lethal and unpredictable after backing off than you may assume. If timed effectively, you may typically energy by way of spots the place she begins to cost an unblockable hit, or prepares a blue-ring space of impact strike by chaining collectively strikes and Runic Assaults, or maintaining her locked in place with Realm Shifts.

As quickly as you start the battle (It’s possible you’ll as effectively toss a charged Leviathan Axe or Draupnir Spear), she’ll at all times start with the identical mixup of opening ranged strikes:

She’ll typically start by laying down a straight line of Bifrost shards from above. The projectiles are decently sized and simply dodged to the perimeters – however extra importantly, they will go away behind smoldering craters that emanate extra Bifrost should you get shut.


This will not look like a giant deal, however after a bit of preventing she will be able to typically find yourself backing off by way of the hazards, goading you into pursuing and taking an increasing number of Bifrost harm that she will be able to explode your well being bar with. Attempt to maintain your again to the Bifrost so she will be able to’t dart previous it, and if she does, maintain off on pursuing and let her come again to you.

She’ll additionally have a tendency to battle at vary with a large number of totally different wing projectiles that are available in two distinct varieties that may be exhausting to differentiate at first. The primary will comes out at a really vast arc to attempt to hit you from the perimeters – and you may spot it as she dodges barely to the facet to emit every assault. The excellent news is the assault is well blocked – however the projectiles are infused with Bifrost, which means you are well being bar might be barely impacted, however it might probably normally be shortly cleansed.

The second variation comes out straight forward as a substitute of at a large angle (to which she’ll crouch down as a substitute of pivoting to the facet), and this one is unblockable. It strikes a lot quicker, although a single facet step is sufficient to get out of the best way. The actual drawback is determining in that cut up second should you want to dodge to the facet or block, as dodging into the vast sweeping projectiles will typically hit you earlier than you may right your mistake. They common wings could be dodged by an inwards roll, however it could be dangerous should you’re undecided if the quicker unblockable variant comes out as a substitute.

Following these comes one of Gna’s extra painful and annoying assaults – she’ll swoop to one facet earlier than charging forth to strike in a single of two totally different however equally annoying strategies: A straight unblockable jab along with her wing tip, or a collection of wing assaults adopted by a lethal spin. As a result of the cost seems fairly equivalent, it is simple to panic and take a look at to block the jab or sidestep the wing strike and get caught in a combo. Nonetheless, there may be one key trick to determining which transfer is coming:


If Gna dashes to your left, she’s going to at all times cost in for a two-hit (however blockable) wing sweep ending in a speedy spin assault that you just want to additionally block. If she dashes to your proper, she’s going to at all times finish her cost in a jab along with her proper wing, which you’ll be able to at all times sidestep and punish by evading to your proper (by no means left). So long as you retain this in thoughts, you may routinely keep away from the headache of one of her extra annoying strikes. Be cautious, as she could typically decide to comply with up her two-wing strike with the unblockable proper wing jab anyway, however you may no less than have a bit extra time to react, and strafing to you proper whereas blocking may help too.

Whereas not as typically, there’s a probability Gna will forego the standard dodge to the facet earlier than a touch and easily cost at you head on, and can typically comply with up by conjuring an enormous flaming mace for an overhead unblockable strike. The wind up is sluggish, permitting you to dodge behind her to counter the assault after she misses.

There nonetheless is one caveat to keep in mind, as Gna will typically instantly chain from her wing spin assault into any quantity of different strikes she has at her disposal – from unblockable glaives to leaping staggering slams. As a result of of this, you must solely attempt to battle again towards the unblockable jab as there might be an extended opening for you, however not often for her common wing sweep assaults (that are additionally troublesome to parry).

Watch our for when Gna pulls out her glaives, as she will be able to use them in a range methods. After summoning them in every hand, she’ll normally assault with a fast two hits, ending in a both a 3rd overhead assault, or a leaping unblockable throw at shut vary. You’ll be able to typically cease the combo with a effectively timed parry, however ought to in any other case dodge to the facet and counter with a fast Runic Assault if potential.


She will additionally imbue the glaives with random elemental power and throw them out to spin round her in a transfer that can’t be blocked. That is one of her essential strategies of utilizing standing results, as they’ll hit you with fireplace, frost, poison, or bifrost, and in all of the preventing it may be exhausting to keep in mind the place they’re spinning.

Fortunately, if she does this at vary, you normally have a number of moments earlier than her subsequent assault to shortly destroy the spinning glaives with ranged assaults, as they do not transfer all that quick – a effectively timed Draupnir Spear or axe toss can get rid of them, letting you dive again into the battle with out fear.

Valkryie Queen Gna additionally has two extraordinarily annoying seize assaults that may include little warning, and may typically attempt to lull into getting caught. The second you hear her cry “For Asgard!” and fly up into the air, instantly cease and dodge backwards. She’ll land very quick with wings unfold earlier than her making an attempt to slam you into the bottom – and if caught will do a ton of harm earlier than Freya may help shake her off.

Even worse, Gna will typically attempt to chain this transfer collectively up to 3 times! Till she drops down 3 times, (yelling every time), don’t attempt to punish the assault, otherwise you’ll threat working proper into her entice – even when she ends chain early, it is higher to play it secure. The one time you may safely get successful in is you probably have the Armor of Radiance – at which level a profitable Realm Shift ought to allow you to cost in for a strike, however then you must again off to wait and see if she leaps once more.


One other seize can occur if she fees at you yelling “Submit!”. It is a straight sprint seize, and can knock you into the air and ship you flying again for important harm if caught. Like the opposite seize, it is completely potential she’ll double again for a second sprint if she misses the primary, so keep away from making an attempt to punish the primary try simply to be secure! Nonetheless, keep considerably shut to be prepared for whichever transfer comes subsequent.

The explanation for that is due to a blue ring transfer she will be able to carry out at vary – typically if you find yourself at mid-distance away. She’ll leap up and name out “Asgard’s blood is on you!” as an enormous electrical space of impact builds throughout most of the sector. You will not have lengthy to sprint in and defend bash her out of it, and if she’s cornered you, working out of the circle will not be an possibility. The excellent news is that should you’re nervous you might not shut the space in time, sure Runic Assaults – particularly the Huldra Cost, can’t solely shut the space however interrupt the assault within the course of.

One other Blue Ring assault is definitely Gna’s defensive wing defend, which you will acknowledge from the earlier sport. She’ll block all incoming commonplace blows and fan out her wings in a devastating assault until you turn techniques and bash together with your defend – or use a Runic Assault that may pierce her guard.

A singular assault used solely by Gna is available in two varieties, and one that may deal a ton of harm should you aren’t prepared to instantly counter it – with Freya’s arrows. She’ll summon both an enormous flaming sigil or enormous sound stone and hurl it at you, providing you with solely moments to spot which magic it’s and have Freya take the shot. For those who hear Gna yell “Rise, rise!” whereas flying up into the air, prep a sonic arrow to fireplace. If she yells “Bathe in fireplace!”, swap to a sigil arrow and have Freya take goal on the hex.


You probably have the best arrow lined up, make sure to cost forth to comply with up proper as Freya stuns them, because it’s a terrific probability to unload some main harm and proceed to stagger her with a number of assaults. For those who’ve unlocked Freya’s expertise, you need to be ready to press sq. to have Freya sprint in for a comply with up strike whereas Gna is surprised!

At mid-vary, look ahead to Gna to swoop into the air and carry out a dive kick in your path, typically yelling “Kneel!”. The primary one can typically be parried to stagger her, but when not, be cautious of a single or direct comply with-up dive kick that is unblockable and imbued with a frost splash. Dodging backwards will nonetheless freeze you, so go to the perimeters and retaliate.

Past these strikes, she will be able to additionally combine issues up with a leaping staggering slam assault (its shockwave will do a ton of harm should you do not parry it as she lands), or a staggering cost assault along with her halberd that may strike 3 times (together with a leaping bi-frost finisher) that every one have yellow rings and wish to be timed completely to parry, however wait till her last slam to fireplace again with your individual strikes.

Watch out activating Realm Shifts whereas she’s within the center of sure strikes, as her assault animation hit field will nonetheless be energetic even when transferring tremendous sluggish, so attempt to decelerate time solely when she’s already susceptible.

Put together to spend many makes an attempt simply studying her strikes – which of them you may keep away from and the way, and which of them you may punish. She positive aspects Runic Armor so much, and understanding when to unload your Runic Assaults and when to save them generally is a huge assist, as can urgent your assault whenever you’ve obtained her cornered and staggered. Strikes like Hades Retribution could be nice to guarantee she will get always staggered, and assaults like Leviathan’s Roar are important for dealing harm with out fear of getting hit.


You must also endeavor to use Spartan Rage to get out of a tough scenario, utilizing it to cleanse standing results if they seem, or soak an in any other case deadly blow utilizing Valor. She’ll drop well being stones as you harm her by way of the battle, so do not be afraid to again off on an assault to choose one up to maintain your self shut to full when potential so a shock hit would not kill you outright.

You probably have a number of sorts of gear that may activate Realm Shifting, we extremely advocate chaining them collectively to maintain the slowdown going to deal a ton of uninterruptible harm over a brief interval. For instance, you may attempt dodging the ultimate hit in a combo assault to acquire Realm Shift from the Armor of Radiance, then unleash a Runic Assault and set off the Hilt of Hofud to acquire much more time, unleash a combo of hits with a weapon that has a weapon attachment of the 9 Realms, and set off it as soon as you have constructed up Permafrost/Maelstrom out of your combo, and deal much more harm whereas nonetheless slowed down.

With sufficient observe and perhaps a bit of luck that she will not always shock you with unblockable strikes whenever you least anticipate them, you may ultimately have the opportunity to get her well being down all the best way. Do not get overconfident, as she will be able to at all times unleash a lethal transfer whenever you least anticipate, so wait till that last stun indicator seems over her earlier than transferring in to defeat her.

After the cutscene ends, the Valkyrie Queen Gna might be no extra, and Freya will earn each The Queen’s Armor and The Queen’s Roar, a incredible Summon. You may additionally get a neat merchandise, the Rond of Obliteration, which may cost up projectiles to shoot out at your enemies. You may as well choose up the journal Kratos initially tried to take whenever you first arrived right here.

Congratulations, you have defeated the hardest enemy that God of War Ragnarok has to supply!


If you have not already, make sure to wrap up your God of War Ragnarok Expertise with these last challenges and secrets and techniques:

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