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/dev: Illaoi in Project L

/dev: Illaoi in Project L


With assist from our central IP Technique workforce, I wrote a champion transient that sums up what makes Illaoi particular, and what it’s that gamers internationally love about her.

Illaoi is the Reality Bearer of Nagakabouros, the deity of life, ocean storms, and movement, who is commonly depicted as a colossal kraken. Illaoi and her folks come from the Serpent Isles, an island archipelago that features Bilgewater and her dwelling island of Buhru.

In League of Legends, Illaoi’s gameplay focuses on testing the worthiness of people utilizing the golden artifact referred to as the Eye of God. Wielding the large idol, she rips souls from their host our bodies, and summons spectral tentacles to repeatedly slam into them.

In our story world, those that survive Nagakabouros’ check are deemed to be on the proper path and might transfer ahead to pursue their true function in life. Whereas those that fall are left in no unsure phrases that they’re failing in their obligation to maneuver their very own lives ahead, and are hindering the move of the universe. An expertise that not all survive.

Utilizing all of this info, we outlined Illaoi’s core fact as: “A robust and charismatic non secular chief who evokes others to be their very own unstoppable power.” She turns heads and dominates a room along with her bodily presence and assured, purposeful swagger.

Then, utilizing the transient, I labored with the opposite self-discipline leads—like design and artwork—to create a north star for her growth. This manner we be certain that Illaoi is immediately identifiable, even in a style we’ve by no means seen her in. And, much more essential, we used it to search for alternatives to develop her legend. As a result of a combating recreation is the right place for Illaoi to shine.

With a transparent image of her in our minds, we will guarantee that anybody who already is aware of Illaoi past the floor stage additionally finds the character they love, whereas nonetheless empowering the event workforce to thrill even her most devoted followers with a model that may blow the doorways off. Or, in her case, rip the doorways off their hinges with magical tentacles and beat you mindless with them.

On a private be aware, I’ve liked who Illaoi is and who she may very well be since we developed her for League again in 2015. And though she’s not one of many extra widespread champions in League, I feel it’s simple to see how Illaoi’s mixture of bruised knuckles, religious coronary heart, and joyous swagger (mixed with all the brand new experiences we will put in gamers’ palms) could make her a famous person in Project L.


Mike “zatransis” Henry, Inventive Director:

As soon as Narrative has given us a very good understanding of who a champion is, we transfer into their visible course. You may infuse a lot extra right into a champion when you recognize who they’re, particularly after we examine all of their visible representations—which Illaoi actually wasn’t missing.

A few of our champions lend themselves nicely to being altered fairly a bit, whereas for others it wouldn’t make sense for them to drastically change their look. After we began on Illaoi, it grew to become clear she can be the latter.

She has a extremely iconic look: Tall, muscular, and imposing. However greater than that, she’s joyous, spirited, and believes in difficult others to stay their lives to the fullest. And all of this stuff wanted to be mirrored in her look.

Illaoi’s bodily construct is fairly distinctive in the roster of League of Legends champions, and we referenced a variety of athletes with a concentrate on weightlifters and shot putters. Primarily girls who spend a variety of time lifting issues as simply as Illaoi lifts her large weapon.



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