Home News Elden Ring Creepypasta Is Now Real, And It Is Delicious

Elden Ring Creepypasta Is Now Real, And It Is Delicious

Elden Ring Creepypasta Is Now Real, And It Is Delicious

A character in Elden Ring holds two knives.

Screenshot: FromSoftware / Kotaku

With the appearance of knowledge mining and immediate info, getting online game campfire tales has turn out to be a rarity. It’s laborious to unfold a rumor that may instantly be fact-checked, and even official mysteries are usually deconstructed fairly rapidly. However the great thing about modding is that it doesn’t must be actual. You may make it actual.

That’s what I like a lot about king bore haha’s fast however efficient new Elden Ring movie, which exhibits an space of the sport you’ve probably by no means seen earlier than. “Saint’s Descent” sees the participant taking place a seemingly countless, pitch-black staircase the place there may be finally a pit.

The participant goes down the pit, in fact, as a result of by now we’ve discovered that you miss important content material in Elden Ring if you happen to don’t throw your self into each abyss. I gained’t spoil the remainder.

Like I mentioned, it’s a easy story that’s nonetheless good at what it units out to do, partially as a result of it isn’t some wild factor. It appears plausible, and a few individuals watching legitimately thought it was actual earlier than being knowledgeable it really isn’t.

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King bore haha has really made a complete playlist of “spooky mod” movies and mods like this one, however for older Darkish Souls video games, if you happen to’d like to have a look. What will get me is among the exceedingly regular conditions that take a sudden flip, like getting trapped in a claustrophobic elevator. One thing like that might really occur to somebody, perhaps by sheer dangerous glitch luck, however nobody would imagine you, would they? The choice could be equally scary: a fall that simply by no means ends. It’s so good!

The fiction side right here is important to the enjoyment, in a approach. When information broke of the Elden Ring thriller wall that took 50 hits to knock down, it tore the web up. Who would ever discover that anomaly naturally? Why would they do one thing like that? Miyazaki, you satan!

Out came the investigators, to take a closer look. That’s when we found out it was actually just a glitch, it never took 50 hits, and there wasn’t actually anything particularly interesting “hiding” behind the wall. The moment was cool while it lasted, but anyone coming in now can’t recreate the feeling of not knowing what the hell was happening when it was an enigma. Now we just tell each other it’s a glitched wall.

Sure, I can tell you that this Elden Ring video isn’t real, but that’s not the point, is it? For a moment, you get sucked into a different reality where evoking a feeling is all that matters. It reminds me a lot of the fashionable creation of Tremendous Mario 64 scary tales. Anybody with important considering expertise would have the ability to suss out that the frilly tales by no means really occurred, or we might have heard about it properly prior to now. We pull out the popcorn all the identical.


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