So we know from the trailer that Far Cry Primal is, obviously, going to highlight wooly mammoths that are getting hunted by tribes. That is extraordinary: It would be #1 on my dream list of things to get in the event that it was not effectively affirmed for the amusement. Be that as it may, how about we go more extensive. There were parcels and heaps of monster creatures in Stone Age times. All these wild creatures like Goliath sloths, moas, genuine critical wolves, Titan Beavers makes this diversion just amazingly wonderful. Such a great amount for you to execute and get murdered by! Fortunately, this appears to be liable to happen… getting destroyed by creatures is at the heart of the Far Cry experience, so getting battered by Goliath creatures ought to be the heart of Far Cry Primal.

In any case, that is not by any means the only creature related delight of Far Cry. Riding elephants is one of the best parts of Far Cry 4. I need considerably a greater amount of that in Far Cry Primal. I need to ride elephants once more, yes. Yet, I additionally need to ride mammoths, aurochs and perhaps a goliath flightless winged creature in light of the fact that it sounds simply astounding. Riding creatures is fun, would it say it isn’t? Well then.

Such a large number of titan creatures must mean one thing: Getting destroyed a considerable measure. Insane lance battles. What’s more, heaps of creating? That was more than one thing? Whatever, ancient individuals can’t number. Long ways 3 and Far Cry 4 had cool making frameworks, and having the capacity to create amazingly valuable packs to hold more apparatus is awesome. Be that as it may, I need more. I need to create real weapons. That would not bode well for Far Cry 4. You can’t make projectiles or automatic weapons out of dead rhinoceroses. In any case, you can make lances and traps, and that is the best you will get in Far Cry Primal, so it bodes well to have the capacity to specialty weapons specifically.

The very end of the Far Cry Primal trailer sees the hero being assaulted by a huge number of odd looking tribes individuals. This is exactly what I need: Lots of peculiar, unordinary tribes with their own styles of battle and I need to get swarmed by them and need to battle for my life. It would appear that Ubisoft needs to have that transpire as well, in light of the trailer, however here is trusting that I am correct.

Most critical of all, Far Cry Primal better have a damn rocket launcher. Furthermore, ideally an automatic weapon and perhaps a shotgun as well. Actually no, not in the normal diversion, but rather covered in some specialty corner someplace, a pleasant minimal Easter Egg. Since what could be more enjoyable than battling irregular Stone Age tribes with present-day capability? On the other hand, shooting a rocket launcher at a wooly mammoth? I think it would be an incredible get, an extraordinary minimal mystery. Also, go ahead, it is as of now in the motor. Toss us a bone, Ubisoft: Throw us a rocket launcher. That is the way to make Far Cry Primal great and gripping game.


Processor: Intel Core i5-750 2.66 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 955
Memory: 4 GB Ram
System: Windows 7 (64-bit version)
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 or ATI Radeon HD 5850 1 GB
Hard Disc: 30 GB of free space on HDD



  • You will play as Takkar, a prepared seeker and the last surviving individual from your gathering. You have one objective: survival in our current reality where you are the prey.
  • Grow your tribe and sharpen your abilities to lead your skin.
  • Encounter a cast of huge characters who can push back the perils of nature.
  • Face for tribes who will do anything to destroy you and your associates.
  • Defeat predators and people alike and ascend to end up the summit predator.


  • This is not the Stone Age as you probably are aware it. This is the Stone Age with contemptuousness and anarchy. This is Far Cry’s Stone Age.
    Stalk for stations and plan your assault utilizing weapons and instruments created from the bones of mammoths you’ve executed.
  • Master the component of discharge to extend your strategic alternatives, setting your weapon ablaze or frightening predators during the evening.
  • Land the murdering blow on the prey you’ve chased over the fields. Be that as it may, be careful, its aroma may pull in predators willing to battle you for the prize.
  • The rich setting of the Stone Age just increases the measure of destructive weapons, risky dangers, and mind-boggling stories that Far Cry is known for.


  • After the last Ice Age, the ice sheets withdrew to abandon an area sprouting with nature and assets where people and creatures alike can flourish – if they have what it takes to demonstrate their strength.
  • Discover the lofty and savage place that is known for Oros with its amazing valley of Redwood backwoods, cruel taiga, and sticky marshes where you can consider Earth to be it was before man made a case for it.
  • Oros overflows with life from expansive groups of deer and awful packs of desperate wolves to warring for tribes. It’s ruled by uber fauna, for example, saber-tooth tigers and wooly mammoths, Goliath creatures that ruled the Earth in the Stone Age and were dreaded by each other living being.

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