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Full Street Fighter 6 themes for both Juri and Kimberly

(*6*)’Arachnid**’ and ‘Ninjastar Pop’

The world was lastly capable of hear the total themes of both Juri and Kimberly in Street Fighter 6 due to at this time’s Rolling Stone Street Fighter 6 reside stream.

We heard snippets for both of those woman combatants a couple of weeks again when their reveal trailers dropped at Evo, however now we have entry to them of their groovy entirety.

The seductive spider Juri is all about luring in foes earlier than all of a sudden pouncing. Her bass heavy BGM, ÅrachniD**, performs on this a bit because it type of tip toes about earlier than hitting onerous with some heavier beats.

It is barely disorienting (deliberately so) because it jaggedly jumps and stutters between gears, by no means fairly permitting you to really feel steady and safe. The perfect factor is to embrace it and take a trip together with Juri… wherever it’s she needs to take you.

Kimberly’s theme, Ninjastar Pop, is far more upbeat and adventurous, as her character would dictate. It stays in keeping with Street Fighter 6’s hip hop theme, however are in any respect unsuitable in pondering we’re listening to a little bit of Man’s Alpha tucked away in it?

We have additionally included Guile’s new Street Fighter 6 theme as he was the third most up-to-date character to be revealed for the sport. Try the tunes by way of the video beneath and tell us what you assume both of them individually in addition to SF6’s music as an entire so far.


00:00 – Juri Theme

03:32 – Kimberly Theme

06:45 – Guile Theme



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