Home News Google Maps gets some fresh new colors for its UI

Google Maps gets some fresh new colors for its UI

Google Maps gets some fresh new colors for its UI

Last updated: November 18th, 2023 at 15:03 UTC+01:00

After rolling out new features, including Immersive View for routes, more detailed navigation, and transit filters, Google is painting Google Maps with some new colors for its UI. These colors bring a refreshing take to the most popular navigation maps. For instance, a lighter shade of green is used for parks and nature.

Thanks to the new color palette, elements within Google Maps are easily distinguishable. Roads get new colors, from off-white to gray. This gives Google Maps the option to apply the white color for street crossings, which is now viewable at more zoomed-out levels. The gray color makes the dashed trail paths stand out on the map. Buildings and structures are still colored gray or light yellow.

The new colors for Google Maps is rolling out widely for Android and iOS users

With the new Google Maps color update, the freeways are much darker now, with some blue undertones. This gives a streamlined view of all roads. The road looks much cleaner with the new colors but stands out less against the water, which uses a lighter blue shade. Restaurants now stand out with less yellow and orange-tinted pins.

Overall, the new color palette for Google Maps is quite noticeable and gives the app a much-needed refreshment. Some users received the new color palette for Google Maps several weeks ago (via 9To5Google), however, currently, a wider rollout is happening for Android and iOS users. So, those who did not receive the new colors on Google Maps are getting them now. If you don’t see the new colors, you can try to force close the Google Maps app for the colors to load.


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