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Here’s The Destiny 2 Warlord’s Ruin Loot Table For All Three Bosses

Destiny 2’s latest dungeon, Warlord’s Ruin, is a hit. Players are calling it one of the best dungeons Bungie has done over the years, an ascent through a Dark Souls-esque castle full of traps and angry Scorn, laden of secrets with a rare three full bosses to fight as the three encounters. And one deeply, deeply irritating jail cell to figure out how to escape if you’re doing it blind.

So, we do have our usual three encounters, just all of them are bosses this time, and the loot pool is distributed the way we normally see in dungeons, with certain places dropping certain pieces of gear as you try to farm specific weapons or assemble a full dungeon armor set. Here are the loot pools:

First Encounter: Rathil

  • Dragoncult Sickle (Strand Sword)
  • Vengeful Whisper (Kinetic Bow)
  • Indebted Kindness (Special Rocket Sidearm)
  • Dark Age Mask (Helmet)
  • Dark Age Fists (Arms)
  • Dark Age Strides (Legs)

Second Encounter: Locus of Wailing Grief

  • Neem’s Lance (Strand Sniper)
  • Vengeful Whisper (Kinetic Bow)
  • Indebted Kindness (Special Rocket Sidearm)
  • Dark Age Fists (Arms)
  • Dark Age Harness (Chest)
  • Dark Age Class Item

Third Encounter: Hefn’s Vengeance

  • Buried Bloodline (Exotic Void Sidearm)
  • Dragoncult Sickle (Strand Sword)
  • Indebted Kindness (Special Rocket Sidearm)
  • Neem’s Lance (Strand Sniper)
  • All Armor Pieces

So, in this instance a few things of note. If you are going for the newly unique Indebted Kindness rocket-powered sidearm, it drops from all three encounters so you can farm any of those you want, or just run the full dungeon. Pretty sure they did that on purpose. Second, all armor pieces can be found in the first two encounters if you don’t want to do a full run if you’re only going for specific ones.

If there is one complaint about the dungeon, it’s probably the loot itself, which outside of the new rocket pistol and the hand crossbow-esque exotic, the other stuff hasn’t exactly turned out to be coveted. It’s also again, all reskins of past years gear. The armor set is cool, but far from the best we’ve seen from the dungeon. But hey, at least playing it is really fun.

Players are already working on their speedrun and solo strategies, and I do wonder if from here on out, the same cadence of dungeon releases and reprised raids will continue in the episodic model, rotation every season during the year. With one less season, that seems like it will probably have to change in some way. So enjoy this dungeon as it might be the last one we see for a good long while.

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