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How to take RAW photos on iPhone

How to take RAW photos on iPhone

In the event you’re unsure why you’d need to take RAW photos on iPhone, you quickly might be. By default, your iPhone saves photographs as HEIC information when you press the shutter, though many individuals change their default photograph format to JPEG, which permits extra compatibility than HEIC when opening photographs on different gadgets. With an HEIC or JPEG file, the cellphone has compressed the picture file, so it takes up much less area, successfully eliminating a lot of picture information and sacrificing high quality. Whilst you will not discover the standard distinction except trying very carefully, the removing of picture information offers you little or no flexibility when modifying your photos, as your picture file won’t include as a lot shade information for making shade corrections, nor as large dynamic vary for adjusting highlights and shadows.

With a RAW file, you may have what your digicam’s sensor noticed, with no parameters modified (or no less than only a few) and minimal or no compression, that means extra of the picture’s unique information exists. What this implies is that you’ve got far more freedom with a RAW file to edit a picture, adjusting its parameters and altering the issues you do not like.


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