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MX Player v1.11.3 Ad-Free

MX Player v1.11.3 Ad-Free

[box type=”shadow” align=”alignright” class=”” width=””]MX Player is the most widely used movie and MPEG4 player for android besides the preinstalled players. The player offers more control and features for its users while watching movies on an Android device. Simply put this video player offers more flexibility compared to VLC or any other video player available.[/box]

Main Features

  • Network stream playback. MX Player can stream video files over the internet, such as from cloud storage, as long as you have the direct URL. It cannot stream from sites like YouTube without a lot of complex trickery (not worth the effort when you can just use the YouTube app).
  • Playback resume. If you close the app or stop playback in the middle of a video, then return to it at some later time, MX Player can resume from where it quit the last time — or it can start over from the beginning. It’ll ask you which you prefer.
  • Background audio playback. Enable this setting and MX Player will keep playing your video even if you minimize the app and switch to something else, allowing you to listen even as you address a text message or look up something on the web.
  • Kids Lock mode. Makes it impossible to minimize the app, which is great for when you want to play a video for your kids but prevents them from opening up other apps, making calls, etc.


How To Install

  1. Install the app it’s already moded.
  2. All Done.

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