Home News OnePlus 6 Red is going on Sale Tomorrow June 10

OnePlus 6 Red is going on Sale Tomorrow June 10

OnePlus 6 Red is going on Sale Tomorrow June 10

Besides from Midnight Black, Mirror Black, and Silk White editions. OnePlus is releasing another color variant of its highly demanded flagship on July 10 OnePlus 6 Red Prices of higher-end $579/ £519/ €569, in India it’ll sell for 39,999 rupees from July 16th with 8GB of RAM for smooth performance and 128GB of storage. The phone will be available in the US, India, and Europe markets.


Other than the fresh coat of paint, however, the phone remains the same. A dual-lens camera with facial recognition for fast unlocking, fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, and 6.3-inch AMOLED display. featuring a black notch on the top of its screen, a 3,300 mAh fast charging battery and there’s even a headphone port.

The-fingerprint-scanner-on-one plus 6 red

CEO Pete Lau announced the device on the OnePlus forum, saying that the style exudes “enthusiasm and personality” as well as “inner confidence and courage.”

One plus 6 red metallic Matt texture

Lau also said that the handset required the use of a new film coating process that has never been used on a smartphone before. But, he added, this process has created a more durable and “elegant” red sheen that’s expected to last “for years to come.

It’s a limited edition device, So don’t wait for too long, grab your chances or you can wait for another sale if you are not in hurry for the deal.


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