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Overwatch 2 tier list ranking and best Heroes explained

Stumped as for which Hero is best? Our Overwatch 2 tier list can assist you make sense of the sequel’s large shake-up to the sport’s components.

For one, it is now shifted to a 5v5 format, with just one Tank on the battlefield at any given time. On high of that, three new heroes have joined the sport at launch – and play has additionally shifted from crowd controls and stuns to the act of killing gamers.

It is a fairly monumental overhaul of what got here earlier than, principally, so it is comprehensible in case you are just a little misplaced on what’s doing properly and what is just not in Overwatch 2 – after you have unlocked all Heroes first, after all.

That is the place we can assist with our ranking of the best Heroes in Overwatch 2 – as we now have spent a variety of time understanding who’s at present ruling the battlefield.

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What is going on on with Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 tier list ranking

We have ranked each hero in Overwatch 2 in a single place so you will get a way of the meta at a fast look.

These listings are primarily based on a few components – reminiscent of how good a hero is at their job, the peak of their potential, whereas additionally bearing in mind how straightforward it may be to make a personality work for the common participant.

Overwatch 2 continues to be discovering its legs as it is very early days for the sport. There are a variety of heroes, adjustments, maps, and philosophies to get your head round, however to present you a fast sentiment: excessive mobility heroes are at present operating rampant.

Overwatch 2 tier list ranking (Heroes ranked by tier, final up to date October seventh, 2022)

Tier Hero
Best Genji, Kiriko, Winston, Lucio, D.VA
Sturdy Sigma, Soldier 76, Ana, Roadhog, Zarya, Wrecking Ball, Sojourn, Sombra, Echo, Reaper, Ashe, Tracer, Zenyatta
Good Orisa, Brigitte, Pharah, Mei, Moira, Torbjorn, Baptiste, Hanzo, Widowmaker
Common Mercy, Reinhardt, Bastion, Junkrat, Cassidy, Doomfist, Junker Queen
Weak Symmetra

Overwatch 2 Hero ranking in alphabetical order

Hero Tier
Ana Sturdy
Ashe Sturdy
Baptiste Good
Bastion Common
Brigitte Good
Cassidy Common
D.Va Best
Doomfist Common
Echo Sturdy
Genji Best
Hanzo Good
Junker Queen Common
Junkrat Common
Kiriko Best
Lucio Best
Mei Good
Mercy Common
Moira Good
Orisa Good
Pharah Good
Reaper Sturdy
Reinhardt Common
Roadhog Sturdy
Sigma Sturdy
Sojourn Sturdy
Soldier 76 Sturdy
Sombra Sturdy
Symmetra Weak
Torbjorn Good
Tracer Sturdy
Widowmaker Good
Winston Best
Wrecking Ball Sturdy
Zarya Sturdy

How we settled on our Overwatch 2 tier list ranking at launch

Overwatch 2 is simply setting out with its first footsteps (albeit with some connection-related stumbles), which signifies that the whole lot continues to be at present in flux and being found out. Anticipate the meta to be pretty unstable all through the primary season because the participant base adjusts to 5v5, new maps and three new heroes being added.

That being mentioned, we have pooled a number of sources to make up this list. Firstly, by means of a testing section and launch, we have performed round 40 hours of Overwatch 2 and have been seeing what’s been doing properly. On high of that, we have been aware of pick-up video games between high-ranking gamers and have been conserving an eye fixed out on what’s been dominating in these video games. We have additionally spoken to a few of these gamers about their experiences.

On high of that, although the present patch is just not reside within the Overwatch League, we have additionally been watching skilled groups play all yr with Overwatch 2 and are capable of get inclinations with what groups have been taking part in.

We have additionally thought-about tier lists from Overwatch content material creators like Flats and Your Overwatch. All of this has given us a broad understanding of the place the meta is at launch. That being mentioned, anticipate it to maneuver quick as individuals be taught the sport higher.

Who’re the best Heroes in Overwatch 2?

Who precisely makes up our ‘best’ tier in Overwatch 2 at launch? Proper now, it is clear {that a} sure playstyle is doing very properly – Dive.

This can be a basic Overwatch technique that’s all about velocity and getting kills quick. In a well-executed dive, a number of extremely cell heroes will execute a coordinated bounce on one or two enemies to remove backlines rapidly.

Proper now, a number of of the best heroes are all dive superstars. Genji is flourishing in a world with fewer crowd management talents, and he has immense lethality with a boatload of maneuverability in addition.

Overwatch 2 Genji

Newcomer Kiriko makes a superb companion for Genji, as she will be able to transfer between the principle workforce and a flank with him simply together with her Swift Step teleport. She will take help from a number of fronts all through a combat and her Safety Suzu, which grants invincibility for rather less than a second, may be an incredible software to save lots of diving heroes who’ve dedicated too far.

Winston makes an amazing Tank to pair as a part of the dive mentality, as he all the time has. He is additionally thriving with much less crowd management and Kiriko has a greater time maintaining with him to heal him than different Helps, which has all the time been a hazard when taking part in Winston.

Lucio may be one other respectable addition to a dive composition, nevertheless, he’s additionally fairly good in most any compositions.


Velocity is king proper now, and his velocity enhance helps lots, however he is additionally capable of maintain himself and displace the enemy workforce, whereas additionally getting kills in the appropriate palms which make him very priceless in a 5 v 5 setting.

Much like Lucio, D.VA also can work on a dive (although, usually you’d need to persist with Winston in a coordinated workforce), however she is extra versatile. D.VA is simply usually sturdy proper now and is a good all-rounder decide if you do not have a workforce who’re going to execute a coordinated dive.

If you would like a really sturdy possibility that can plug in and work in most conditions, D.VA is a good possibility at her present energy.

Best Tank Heroes in Overwatch 2


Tanks have seen an enormous change with the launch of Overwatch 2, with one being faraway from the battlefield, which means that only one participant is now accountable for all of the duties. Fortunately then, most have been souped up considerably to deal with that. And there are a variety of nice choices on the time.

Proper now, excessive mobility, and particularly these that may dive on targets are the best Tank choices within the sport usually. Particularly, Winston is the king in that function.

Due to the viability of heroes like Genji, Kiriko, Lucio, and Sombra, dive competitions are superb proper now. Winston can bounce into enemy again traces and, if his workforce is coordinated, anticipate assist from a flanking Injury vendor, but in addition importantly may be saved by Kiriko diving in with him.

Too typically in Overwatch 1, Winston would dive in and discover himself disconnected from his healers, however Kiriko mitigates that lots.

Elsewhere, D.VA can also be very, sturdy. She is a good all-around decide that’s feeling very viable and versatile. She will dive in an analogous technique to Winston (although not fairly as properly), however also can defend her workforce together with her three seconds of Protection Matrix.

She may be defensive and aggressive from one second to the following. If you would like a tank that can slot into most competitions and at the least present some worth, D.VA is a good decide.


Sigma is a good selection too in case you are on the lookout for a extra conventional, stationary tanking expertise. He hasn’t obtained too many adjustments within the transfer to Overwatch 2, however his equipment stays very sturdy, particularly as a solo tank.

He can take up a variety of injury and has the potential to be the highest-damage tank. When you’re not one for diving in, Sigma must be your go-to.

If you wish to simply play selfishly and attempt to safe kills and be an exceptionally onerous hero to kill, Roadhog is a little bit of a sleeper decide too.

Best Injury Heroes in Overwatch 2


Proper now, as said with the tanks, dive heroes are sturdy and nobody is having fun with the transfer to Overwatch 2 greater than Genji.

He hasn’t had any large rework or adjustments, however with Blizzard’s philosophy of eradicating a variety of the stuns and crowd-control results, there’s a lot much less that will get in the way in which of Genji, who can now sprint in and get plenty of executions and large Dragon Blades, so long as what you might be doing.

Sombra is a superb companion to Genji as each can get into the enemy again line and feast upon weaker well being targets pretty simply. They’re each made higher too with the addition of Kiriko who’s an incredible help to pair with them as she will be able to simply be a part of flanks by teleporting to the heroes in the event that they want a hand.

For many who need one thing just a little easier although, Soldier 76 is a really versatile decide that can slot into most competitions with no bother. With the lack of a second tank, there are fewer shields and talents defending groups, which suggests sightlines are extra open.

That is the place some ranged Injury heroes will thrive. Sojourn is a good various if she is extra your velocity, and to a barely lesser diploma, Ashe can also be a superb decide if you happen to can hold adequate distance between you and diving heroes.

Best Help Heroes in Overwatch 2


Presently, Kiriko is the best healer within the sport. She’s simply glorious. She has an amazing mixture of talents, a variety of therapeutic, and can seem virtually wherever instantly. Presently, the play has flankers operating across the again of groups, and Kiriko searching with them to help.

On account of her capability to teleport, she will be able to each dive in to assist teammates or dive out if a state of affairs will get too spicy. On high of that, her final may be very sturdy and has some wild interactions with different heroes.

Elsewhere Lucio can also be glorious. He matches into a variety of compositions, and his velocity enhance is all the time helpful, particularly with mobility such an essential issue of the meta. Add on high of that, his Sound Barrier continues to be a superb final to counter highly effective enemy ultimates.

Ana and Zenyatta are glorious as properly, and in a void, may properly be S-Tier themselves. Ana’s Biotic Grenade and Zenyatta’s Discord Orbs are highly effective utility instruments. The one actual problem with these two is that they’re juicy targets for diving heroes, which once more, are very sturdy proper now. Nonetheless, with some care from the teammates to look out for them, they’re very highly effective choices.

Typically, Helps at present really feel superb throughout the board, and any ranked decrease are usually nonetheless superb, so you probably have a robust desire for one more, our recommendation is to go together with what .

Bear in mind, for brand new gamers, you might want to unlock Heroes in Overwatch 2 earlier than you can begin utilizing them – however hopefully the suggestions above provide you with choices as you go.



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