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Pokemon Go player explains how to instantly get free Poke Balls after running out  – Charlie INTEL

Niladri Sarkar

A Pokemon Go player has shared a surprisingly simple tip to unlock 30 free Poke Balls even when trainers are left with zero Balls in their storage, and others wish that they had known about it earlier.

The last thing a Pokemon Go player would want is to run out of Poke Balls, especially when encountering a rare or shiny Pokemon in the wild. In such situations, they would usually resort to quickly spinning a nearby PokeStop or buying Poke Balls from the in-game shop.

But for those who are unable to get any of the two done, they would more or less end up losing the Pokemon encounter. This has been a major concern among the Pokemon Go community for years now but it looks like fans have a solution.

A feature that was mostly unknown among players was revealed by a trainer after a Reddit user named ‘Leading-Commercial45’ made a post that showed them with zero Poke Balls during an encounter with a wild shiny Axew in the December 2023 Community Day.

The OP asked: “Do I spend the 2.00 on Poke Balls?” as buying them seemed to be the only way to go for the player.

However, a user’s comment offering a solution to this common issue in Pokemon Go surprised many as a large section of the community had no idea about the feature.

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The user in question stated: “Use your Daily Incense. You get 30 free Balls if you’re low or have ran out,” prompting others to question if it was even real.

To this, another person confirmed the legitimacy of the solution by adding an official link from Niantic’s ‘Pokemon Go Help Center’ that highlighted the following about the Daily Incense:

“If you have 30 or fewer total Poke Balls, Great Balls and Ultra Balls in your Item Bag when you activate your Daily Adventure Incense, you will be automatically granted 30 Poke Balls. You will not receive this grant if you do not have any available Item Bag space.”

“Is this real?” a fan asked before another added: “I just did it on zero balls, it’s real! Been out since I got home this afternoon, wish I knew earlier.”

Coming to the storage space required, one mentioned that “as long as you have at least 1 free bag space,” all 30 Poke Balls can be accommodated.

This handy tip will certainly be of huge help to the Pokemon Go community, especially those playing from a rural location with little to no access to PokeStops or Gyms to earn PokeCoins.

As you take advantage of this Daily Incense feature in Pokemon Go, check out Ditto’s latest disguises and how to get Zorua.

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