Home News Riot shuts down VALORANT’s competitive queue due to ‘no flash’ bug

Riot shuts down VALORANT’s competitive queue due to ‘no flash’ bug

Riot shuts down VALORANT’s competitive queue due to ‘no flash’ bug

Riot Video games has quickly turned off the competitive queue in VALORANT due to an exploit that may disable the flash impact for a participant, successfully negating the consequences of flash skills of sure brokers.

The flash impact can presently be turned off by way of a setting within the recreation’s menu, as quite a few gamers have identified over the previous day. The competitive queue will stay disabled till the exploit is fastened.

The exploit, which attracted loads of consideration following a video put up about it from Sentinels’ VALORANT participant Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro, permits gamers to fully negate the consequences of any flash means from an ally or enemy. This was performed by going to normal settings throughout a match, scrolling down to the Different class, and turning on “Cover Consumer Interface In Recreation.”

This setting turned on would disguise the complete interface, together with the mini-map, the agent icons, your skills and well being, and chat. However it might additionally negate any flash impact, completely breaking the sport and permitting gamers holding angles to be fully unblinded by flashes. It’s unclear if the exploit additionally negated results like nearsighted or concussed, and it’s unclear how lengthy the exploit has been abused by gamers within the competitive queue.

Riot rapidly responded to the eye drawn to this game-breaking bug, bringing down the competitive queue lower than two hours after Zellsis posted.

Replace 6:05pm CT: Riot Video games has turned the Competitive queue again on, and mentioned that the exploit has been fastened. The blind impact on flashes is not turned off when the consumer interface is hidden.


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