Home News The Siege And The Sandfox is a sneaky 2D Metroidvania

The Siege And The Sandfox is a sneaky 2D Metroidvania

The Siege And The Sandfox is a sneaky 2D Metroidvania

I assumed we should have written about The Siege And The Sandfox earlier than, however nope. It subsequently falls to me to let you know about this “2D stealth Metroidvania”. These phrases alone are sufficient to get me , however there’s a trailer beneath that exhibits it in motion should you want a little extra.

The narrative setup is widespread sufficient: you are falsely accused of murdering the king and thrown into the labyrinthine dungeons beneath the palace. You need to make your approach again topside to avoid wasting the dominion, however this is a kind of conditions the place as an alternative of preserving criminals in small jail cells, they’ve seemingly constructed a complete underworld for them to dwell in. You will journey by “darkish caves, dusty mausoleums, harmful prisons, and crumbling historical structure” whereas sneaking round and thru the foes that dwell there.

As platformers go, it seems weighty. It is not Prince Of Persia or One other World, as a result of you may walljump and fall massive distances, however your slides and assaults aren’t as swift as one thing like Katana Zero, both. Your footsteps additionally make noise, and also you’re inspired to keep away from enemies and “discover different methods to take care of threats.”

I’m at all times serious about 2D platformers, Metroidvanias, and stealth video games, so a combination of all three is interesting. I’ve been burned earlier than, thoughts you. Ahem.

The Siege And The Sandfox is being developed by Cardboard Sword, who appear to additionally, surprisingly, be making synthwave driving recreation Transmission on Steam. Sandfox has a barely extra concrete launch date of “2023” and can be obtainable on Steam, Epic Video games Retailer, GOG and Humble. You may at present wishlist it on Steam.


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