This popular Android app’s aggressive adware ruins your phone — get rid of it now

A newly found adware app on the Google Play Retailer with over one million downloads is sneakily hiding an aggressive type of adware, and the developer has made it laborious to identify the supply of the annoying full-screen adverts the app comes with.

Tracked down by Malwarebytes (opens in new tab), the PDF reader app makes use of frequent advert software program improvement kits (SDKs) and its personal SDK to show full-screen adverts that pop up on a phone, even when the app just isn’t getting used.

Because the report factors out, the SDKs used comparable to Applovin and Fb Adverts are nice to show adverts throughout the app, which permits it to be free. Nevertheless, bombarding customers with frequent adverts, even video adverts, exterior the app makes this a malicious type of adware. 

PDF Reader app with adware instance by way of Malwarebytes (Picture credit score: Malwarebytes)

What’s extra, the full-screen adverts take a couple of hours to start out displaying to be able to make it tougher for the consumer to determine the place the displayed adverts are coming from. Malware researcher Nathan Collier logged every step of how the adware is executed and notes the PDF reader app will “sound a allure” when the display is locked, and provoke a full-screen advert as soon as unlocked.

Even after the primary advert is displayed, one other advert within the type of a video comes quickly after. Collier states that after the preliminary adverts, they begin coming in additional continuously. The app is claimed to have existed since November 2021, and with over one million downloads in response to its Google Play itemizing, many customers might unknowingly have the app downloaded. 

Instance of PDF reader adware by way of Malwarebytes  (Picture credit score: Malwarebytes )

Do not let adware damage your phone 

It is all the time a good suggestion to be cautious about what apps you obtain, and plenty of malicious apps hiding adware and even malware may have clear indicators that it’s suspicious.

For example. the PDF reader has a couple of suspicious indicators. Firstly, it’s rated as “Mature 17+.” There is not any motive for a PDF reader to have any variety of age restriction, particularly one which’s for “mature” audiences. Secondly, the app is developed by “Fairy video games,” which does not precisely match the kind of app on supply.

Adware is a sneaky method for menace actors to generate income by mechanically displaying an obnoxious quantity of on-line commercials, often with out the consumer’s information or consent. Sadly, it can even result in malware, that means it’s value getting rid of it.

The PDF reader app, often called “PDF reader – paperwork viewer,” is presently on the Google Play Retailer (right here), so you should definitely keep effectively away from it and search for extra trusted PDF readers. When you acknowledge this app on your gadget, ensure to delete it so you may get rid of any annoying pop-up adverts.

One of the simplest ways to get rid of adware (and any malware they might deliver with them) is by downloading one of the finest antivirus apps. These cybersecurity packages can scan your gadget and take away adware, together with stopping future adware downloads and malicious pop-up adverts.