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THIS WEEK AT BUNGIE – 8/11/2022 > News | Bungie.net

THIS WEEK AT BUNGIE – 8/11/2022 > News | Bungie.net

This week at Bungie, we’ve Sandbox updates. 

Comfortable TWABsday, Guardians! First off, how is it already the second week in August? Secondly, how are we nearly to the subsequent Season?! Excellent news is you continue to have time to wrap up your Seasonal title (I’m solely lacking yet another triumph) and take into consideration what you’ll put on for Arc 3.0. I can’t select between Geomag Stabilizers and Crown of Tempests, however hold forth on socials and tell us what you’re attempting out first!  

Alright, I believe we must always get into the precise TWAB now, so let’s get to it, Guardians!

Weapons & Issues

First up, we’re going to bounce proper into the Sandbox modifications, so let me hand it over to one in every of our affiliate designers on the Sandbox staff, Mercules!  

Good day everybody, Mercules right here. We moved little bit of the stability modifications from Season 18 ahead to the mid-Season patch of Season 17, so this might be a bit lighter of a weapons-Sandbox TWAB than common. That being mentioned, there are nonetheless some modifications we’re actually enthusiastic about, so let’s dive in! 


  • Buffed some below-utilized weapon archetypes: 
    • Scout Rifles and Heavy Grenade Launchers in PvE
    • Excessive-Impression Auto Rifles. 
    • Light-weight Bows. 
  • Buffed a number of perks, mounted some bugged perks, and up to date some perk descriptions to be extra correct. 
  • Buffed a number of Unique weapons. 
    • Added intrinsic Anti-Champion performance to some. 
  • Reworked a few Unique weapons whose performance was inflicting points. 
  • Up to date the perk swimming pools for Dares of Eternity weapons and gave them a brand new origin trait. 

World Modifications 

  • Mounted a difficulty launched within the thirtieth Anniversary replace that brought about an excessive amount of Heavy ammo to drop when operating double Particular weapons. 
  • A number of weapon stats have been beforehand hidden, which made absolutely evaluating weapons tough. 
    • Airborne effectiveness, recoil course, zoom, and goal help are actually seen within the weapon inspection display screen. 

Weapon Archetypes 

  • Scout Rifles – We felt they might nonetheless use a bit of affection in PvE
    • Elevated harm of all Scout Rifles vs. Minor enemies (crimson bars) in PvE by 10%. 
      • This variation is along with the baseline harm buff given within the Solstice stability patch. 
  • Excessive-Impression (360 RPM) Auto Rifles – This sub-household of Auto Rifles has good harm output however low ease of use, main them to below-carry out in comparison with different choices in the identical engagement ranges. 
    • Elevated base stability stat of all non-sundown Excessive-Impression Auto Rifles by 6-12, relying on the weapon (numerically this will likely look like a small change, however it noticeably modifications the texture of the weapons). 
  • Light-weight Bows – This subfamily has languished in comparison with their increased harm counterparts for a while, partly on account of issue hitting good draw photographs, so we have made it a bit simpler. 
    • Decreased base draw time by 5% (from 612ms to 580ms). 
    • Elevated the “good draw” window (how lengthy you possibly can maintain the drawn Bow earlier than you start to lose accuracy and harm, stability modifies this window). 
      • From .30s to .50s on the low finish. 
      • From .55s to .80s on the excessive finish. 
  • Hand Cannons – Mounted Dire Promise’s zoom stat (obtained modified to 13 inadvertently, it is now 14 once more). 
  • Glaives – Their interactions with some Unique armor items could be complicated, so we have explicitly made some modifications to align higher with our said objectives. 
    • Glaive melee assaults can now activate the Unique armor perks on ACD/0 Suggestions Fence, Karnstein Armlets, and Necrotic Grip. 
  • Breech Grenade Launchers – Concussion grenades can not roll within the journal slot (blinding grenades are a greater possibility in the identical slot that serves the identical goal). 
  • Heavy Grenade Launchers – These do not see a ton of assist in PvE, so we hope this makes them really feel a bit higher as a DPS or yellow-bar clearing possibility.  
    • Elevated harm vs. Majors and above by ~10% (excluding Parasite, which doesn’t have to do extra harm). 

Weapon Swimming pools 

  • Up to date the perk swimming pools for Dares of Eternity weapons and added an origin trait. 
  • Addressed a difficulty the place playlist (Crucible, Gambit, and strike) weapons weren’t randomizing particular person perk column’s perk counts accurately based mostly on variety of resets. 


  • The Gambit and Iron Banner origin traits have been too particular to be usually helpful, in order that they’ve each been redesigned. 
    • Invader Tracker (Gambit Origin Trait) 
      • Renamed Gun and Run. 
      • Redesigned performance to provide a dash velocity enhance on multi-kills. 
    • Skulking Wolf (Iron Banner Origin Trait) 
      • Redesigned to activate on kills whereas at low well being (so it can work in all PvP now).  
  • Bold Murderer has fallen behind perks with comparable performance (reminiscent of Overflow)—we’ve adjusted this to have a better potential than earlier than. 
    • Elevated journal overflow from 10% to twenty% per kill on Main weapons solely (Particular and Heavy weapons are nonetheless 10%). 
    • Elevated overflow cap from 50% to 150%. 
  • Wellspring had an inside cooldown to stop it from activating too ceaselessly—we not really feel that is wanted
    • Cooldown has been eliminated, permitting for Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers to return extra capability vitality when defeating teams with a single shot. 
  • Perpetual Movement was triggering ceaselessly sufficient to be annoying, so we disabled audio/visible suggestions on perk activation. 
  • Lead from Gold wasn’t respecting the performance of splitting the Particular ammo picked up when two Particular weapons have been outfitted. 
    • Now offers the correct quantity of ammo to every weapon when two Particular weapons are outfitted. 
  • Concussion Grenades can not roll on breech Grenade Launchers. 
  • Veist Stinger was supposed to grant ammo on weapons that assist it, and cost/draw time on Bows solely, this was inadvertently making use of to Linear Fusion Rifles as nicely, making it too sturdy for an origin trait on them. 
    • Mounted a bug the place it was making use of a cost time discount to Linear Fusion Rifles—it can accurately solely refill the journal from reserves when it triggers on these weapons. 
  • Zen Second has at all times had an outline that confused gamers (Particle Repeater too). Their descriptions have been up to date to say what they really do.



  • We’ve added anti-Champion performance to a number of weapons, with the aim of giving extra choices for every Champion sort, break up throughout weapon slot and ammo sort—we anticipate to do that now and again sooner or later as nicely. 
    • Le Monarque 
      • Added intrinsic Overload to Poison Arrows. 
    • Thunderlord 
      • Added intrinsic Overload. 
    • Malfeasance 
      • Added intrinsic Unstoppable to explosions. 
      • Added +25 to the bottom airborne effectiveness stat (28 to 53) to match different precision Hand Cannon’s intrinsic bonus. 
    • Want-ender 
      • Added intrinsic Anti-Barrier. 
      • Elevated variety of hits vs most targets from 2 to three (extra hits towards automobiles, nonetheless 2 towards gamers). 
      • Elevated harm vs. Champions, majors, and minibosses by 10%. 
      • Draw time decreased from 828ms to 820ms. 
    • Ticuu’s Divination will get a free, small buff from the worldwide light-weight Bow modifications. 
      • Draw time decreased from 612 to 580. 
    • Legend of Acrius has fallen far behind different Heavy, quick-vary weapons and warrants a buff. 
      • Catalyst now grants the Trench Barrel perk along with its different results. 
      • Completely different variations of the Unique Paired Legendary Weapons didn’t have matching stats, so we’ve introduced them as much as parity. 
    • Calus Mini-Instrument 
      • Elevated airborne effectiveness from 23 to twenty-eight to match MIDA Mini-Instrument. 
    • MIDA Mini-Instrument 
      • Elevated zoom from 13 to 14 to match Calus Mini-Instrument. 
    • Drang (Baroque) 
      • Elevated airborne effectiveness from 21 to 23 to match normal Drang. 
    • Candy Enterprise 
      • Elevated airborne effectiveness from 27 to 32. 
    • Combating Lion’s Season 17 5% harm buff was rolled again as a part of a repair for a bigger bug, that is being reintroduced and elevated. 
      • Now receives the supposed buff, elevated from 5% to eight%. 
      • Elevated the grace time for the immediate reload impact of Skinny the Herd from 5 to 6s. 


  • Lord of Wolves – Lord of Wolves has lengthy been a thorn within the facet of PvP gamers, particularly when paired with sure Unique armor items. We have now modified the quantity of ammo it begins with, and lowered the harm dealt to gamers. That is half one of a bigger rework geared toward making it a extra viable PvE Unique with out rising its effectiveness in PvP. 
    • Decreased beginning ammo in PvP from 15 to 10 (PvE unchanged). 
    • Decreased the burst measurement (photographs fired per set off pull) from 10 to five photographs when Launch the Wolves is lively. 
    • Decreased the burst delay (the time between bursts) by 60% when Launch the Wolves is lively. 
    • Decreased Lord of Wolves base harm by ~20% (now offers 35 per shot to the physique in PvP, 44 with Launch the Wolves lively). 
    • Elevated harm in PvE by 20% to compensate. 
  • Useless Man’s Story – The Cranial Spike perk was inflicting points with unintended harm scalars towards gamers, and usually felt unpredictable each to make use of and to combat towards. It additionally wasn’t fairly touchdown the “hip-firing cowboy rifle” fantasy as strongly as we wished to, so we reworked it to lean extra into quick-firing hip-fireplace. 
    • Modified Cranial Spike’s results: 
    • Cranial Spike not buffs harm vs. gamers, as a substitute it grants elevated reload, goal help, and vary per stack. 
    • It nonetheless grants further harm vs. PvE combatants. 
    • Upon reaching max stacks of Cranial Spike, the catalyst will now enhance hip-fireplace RPM by 50 (i.e., it can fireplace at 180 RPM) however will deal lowered harm per bullet (20% lower). 
  • Collective Obligation – We’re aiming to make the Unique perk results simpler to activate and more practical in PvE.   
    • Elevated Void Leech timer to fifteen seconds in PvE actions. 
      • PVP stays at 10 seconds. 
    • Eliminated the cooldown. 
    • Added a 20% harm bonus towards PvE combatants solely whereas Void Leech is lively. 
    • Takes much less hits to completely cost Void Leech. 
    • Kills towards debuffed targets immediately cost Void Leech. 
    • Void Leech can be immediately charged when your character is affected by Void debuffs. 
      • Doesn’t work if hitting your self with your individual Suppressor Grenade. 
    • Mounted a bug the place Umbral Sustenance was activating with non-Void overshields.


  • In Replace (extra on this in model replace within the Participant Assist part), we might be decreasing the effectiveness of injury resistance utilized by Omnioculus and Whisper of Chains in PvP (PvE harm resistance is unchanged).  
    • Tier 1: 10% to 2.5% 
    • Tier 2: 15% to five% 
    • Tier 3: 20% to 7.5% 
    • Tier 4: 25% to 10% 

Issues we’re taking a look at addressing sooner or later (Season 18 mid-Season patch or Season 19): 

  • Lowering Shotgun unfold randomness. 
  • Lowering Bow-swapping effectiveness. 
  • Rising Hint Rifle ease of use. 
  • Introducing the complete-auto setting. 
  • Lowering the power of Snipers to shoot by way of flinch in PvP. 
  • Analyzing some small, focused stability modifications to sure PvP outliers. 
    • Pulse Rifles with out of band effectiveness. 
    • Excessive Impression Scout Rifle ease of use. 
    • Precision Fusion Rifle ease of use. 
  • Permitting Glaive interactions with some Unique armors that buff melees. 
  • Fixing Glaive hit detection. 
  • Remodeling some enhanced perks. 
  • Folding Spec mods into the bottom perks. 

Participant Assist Group Reporting Their Experiences

RIP Replace 4.2.0 

[Drum roll] Our Participant Assist staff is able to go and right here to share some details about a number of issues they’ve on their radar. Can we additionally simply say a brilliant large thanks to the Participant Assist staff? As a result of truthfully, they’re some fairly cool cats. 😊   


Beginning on August 23, 2022, Future 2 patch numbers might be altering for all patches going ahead, with Replace 6.2.0 being launched for Season 18. For context, Future’s launch was often known as Replace 1.0.0 and The Taken King was 2.0.0. Work started on Future 2 earlier than Rise of Iron was created, so to maintain all numbers transferring ahead, Future 2’s launch was internally often known as 3.0.0. Each large growth added to the replace quantity since, with The Witch Queen internally often known as Replace 6.0.0.  

To assist alleviate inside confusion concerning what the general public-dealing with patch numbers are, and to convey our inside and exterior patch numbers into parity, we’re making this transformation for all patch numbers transferring ahead. 


As of final week, textual content chat has been reenabled throughout all platforms. Gamers who observe different points with this function ought to report them to our #Assist discussion board. 


Gamers ought to make certain to assert all engrams and different rewards earlier than the brand new Season begins. Any rewards not claimed from ritual distributors (Zavala, Shaxx, Drifter, and Saint-14) might be eliminated originally of the subsequent Season.   



Ivan: One, two, three, you bought goosebumps! The quantity of awesomeness of this video can solely be matched by the quantity of traps in Grasp of Avarice (infinity). Eric, thanks for such a gem!  

Film of the Week: Future 2–Grasp of Avarice (Violin/Guitar/Piano Cowl) 

Bruno: All of us have favourite weapons, mods and perks. And all of us bear in mind the second we fell in love with them for no matter motive. I’m certain a few of you’ll fall in love with the Shoot to Loot perk after watching this video. I didn’t, although, as a result of I already liked it! 

Film of the Week: Oh, no, my heavy ammo! Anyway…


Hippy: Look, I’m a easy Hippy; I see a reference to The Workplace, I hit like. Additionally, I’m fairly certain the destiny of my soul is at stake if I say something however adoring issues about Telesto, the besto. So, in honor of that timeless affection and loyalty we’ve to our overlor-… I imply, our favourite Future 2 weapon, right here’s a easy request to our loving and never-at-all-sentient piece of artillery, “Don’t…” 

Artwork of the Week: *Greatest The Workplace impression,* “Don’t…”  

Sam: As a fiber artist (crochet, knitting, embroidery), any time any of you create one thing digital, it simply blows my thoughts. The small print, the road work, and the geometry engraved into your artwork is actually magic of its personal selection. This Backyard of Salvation set falls proper into that class, and it stopped fairly a number of of us in our tracks, so we knew we needed to share it. 

Artwork of the Week: Backyard of Salvation 

Ta-Daaaaa! This week’s TWAB means we solely have yet another TWAB earlier than the Season ends, then we bounce into our Showcase on August 23. We do need to remind you that we’re beginning the vote on your Unique decoration on August 16, so please go take a look at final week’s TWAB when you missed the main points on that. And if you’re questioning when you’ll get some Arc 3.0 information, that’s coming quickly(ish) to a Bungie.net web page close to you! We all know you need to know all of the issues, however quickly Guardians, it is going to be right here earlier than it.  

Keep artful, Guardians! 



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