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Twilio breach let hackers see Okta’s one-time MFA passwords

Twilio breach let hackers see Okta’s one-time MFA passwords

Twilio breach let hackers see Okta's one-time MFA passwords

The risk actor behind the Twilio hack used their entry to steal one-time passwords (OTPs) delivered over SMS from prospects of Okta id and entry administration firm.

Okta supplies its prospects with a number of types of authentication for providers, together with short-term codes delivered over SMS by Twilio.

With entry to the Twilio console, the risk actor may see cell phone numbers and OTPs belonging to Okta prospects.

Utilizing Twilio to seek for OTPs

On August 4, cloud communications firm Twilio found that an unauthorized occasion gained entry to its programs and info belonging to its prospects.

On the time, one of many providers Okta used for purchasers choosing SMS as an authentication issue was supplied by Twilio.

On August 8, Okta discovered that the Twilio hack uncovered “unspecified knowledge related to Okta” and began to route SMS-based communication by a unique supplier.

Utilizing inner system logs from Twilio’s safety workforce, Okta was capable of decide that the risk actor had entry to cellphone numbers and OTP codes belonging to its prospects.

“Utilizing these logs, Okta’s Defensive Cyber Operations’ evaluation established that two classes of Okta-relevant cell phone numbers and one-time passwords had been viewable through the time during which the attacker had entry to the Twilio console” – Okta

The corporate notes that an OTP code stays legitimate for not more than 5 minutes.

In relation to the risk actor’s exercise within the Twilio console concerning its prospects, Okta distinguishes between “focused” and “incidental publicity” of cellphone numbers.

The corporate says that the intruder looked for 38 cellphone numbers, nearly all of them related to one group, indicating curiosity in having access to that shopper’s community.

“We assess that the risk actor used credentials (usernames and passwords) beforehand stolen in phishing campaigns to set off SMS-based MFA challenges, and used entry to Twilio programs to seek for One Time Passwords despatched in these challenges” – Okta

The risk actor looked for the 38 Okta-related cellphone numbers utilizing Twilio’s administrative portals, which confirmed the newest 50 messages delivered by Okta’s Twilio account.

Because of this hackers may see a bigger variety of cellphone numbers. Nevertheless, Okta’s investigation revealed that the intruder didn’t use these cell phone numbers.

An replace from Twilio earlier this week revealed that the hacker accessed Authy 2FA accounts and registered their gadgets to acquire the short-term tokens.

The bigger image

Over the previous months, Okta noticed the risk actor deploy a number of phishing campaigns to focus on a number of know-how firms, and assigned it the identify Scatter Swine.

Scatter Swine is identical adversary behind the 0ktapus phishing marketing campaign reported by cybersecurity firm Group-IB and named it so because of its purpose to nab Okta id credentials and two-factor authentication (2FA) codes.

The actor has stolen near 1,000 logins to get entry to company networks by sending workers of focused firms an SMS with a hyperlink to a phishing website impersonating an Okta authentication web page for the sufferer group.

Okta says that Scatter Swine/0ktapus possible makes use of business knowledge aggregation providers to gather cell phone numbers belonging to workers of know-how firms, telecommunications suppliers, and people linked to cryptocurrency.

A typical Oktapus assault begins with an SMS to a possible worker delivering a hyperlink to a phishing website asking for company credentials after which for the 2FA codes.

0ktapus phishing attack
0ktapus phishing assault
supply: Group-IB

All the information is delivered to a Telegram account that led Group-IB on a path to a person which may be from North Carolina, the U.S., and likewise has a Twitter and a GitHub account.

In its report this week, Okta notes that other than delivering SMS phishing in bulk (tons of of messages), Scatter Swine additionally referred to as focused workers (and even their relations) to study in regards to the authentication course of at their firm, pretending to be from help.

“The accent of the risk actor seems to be North American, assured and clearly spoken” – Okta

Mitigating 0ktapus assaults

Defending in opposition to elaborate social engineering assaults concentrating on 2FA codes isn’t straightforward. The final suggestion is to take note of indicators of suspicious emails and phishing websites. Safety specialists additionally recommend utilizing a FIDO-compliant safety key (U2F).

Implementing authentication insurance policies to limit person entry based mostly on stipulations tailor-made for the client together with alerts when a person’s sign-in course of deviates from a beforehand recorded sample may additionally point out a malicious try.

Moreover, Okta advises the next:

  • Use Community Zones to disclaim or carry out step-up authentication on requests from rarely-used networks and anonymizing proxies
  • Limit entry to functions to solely registered gadgets or gadgets managed by endpoint administration instruments
  • Limit entry to probably the most delicate functions and knowledge utilizing application-specific authentication insurance policies

For patrons that wish to search for Scatter Swine SMS occasions (e.g. authentication challenges, password resets or issue enrollment occasions), Okta has supplied a system log question that reveals new gadgets and community areas for a specific person.

Okta’s report additionally supplies extra refined queries that enable prospects to examine if the messages got here by Twilio.


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