Home News Brand New Scarlet & Violet Pokémon Revealed, And It’s A Floppy One

Brand New Scarlet & Violet Pokémon Revealed, And It’s A Floppy One

Brand New Scarlet & Violet Pokémon Revealed, And It’s A Floppy One

A Wiglett, the new Pokémon revealed today, poking out the sand on the beach.

Screenshot: The Pokémon Firm / Serebii.internet

Actually, it’s good to develop up. It’s a worm! The newest Pokémon to be revealed for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is a wiggly worm known as Wiglett, and clearly associated to that base set favourite, Diglett.

Wiglett, it appears, is a results of divergent evolution, an aquatic cousin of the Floor-type Gen 1 Diglett. It appears to be like perhaps considerably eel-adjacent, however then additionally appears to be like like a extra alert lugworm, even perhaps with a flash of geoduck. And that’s all it reminds anybody of.

OK, sure, you’re proper. They appear to be a bit like winkies. There’s no getting round it. Horrendously pale, and with a face, however it seems human beings are conditioned to see something lengthy and floppy as a penis. That’s sufficient now.

The information of this new—no, this isn’t an applicable time to make use of the abbreviation “mon”—pocket monster comes, as you may need come to count on, from the all-seeing eye of Serebii.internet. Apparently The Pokémon Firm is exhibiting bits of Scarlet and Violet to the Pokémon World Ecological Society, which I’m delighted to study is a factor. Throughout this, whereas exhibiting off just a few previously-known Pokémon, there was the reveal of a model new Gen IX monster, the Wiglett.


The sadly low-res video reveals the little beasties popping their heads out of the sand on the seashore, implying we’ve received at the least a Water-type right here. Multi-lingual dialogue throughout the video has Pokécologists (everybody begin utilizing this time period) query whether or not it’s associated to Diglett, however then conclude that no, it’s a complete new species of Pokémon.

Goodness knows what is going on in that video, with the Wingulls seemingly stuck in the air, and the background looking like it’s running on GBA.

This makes it the 16th new Pokémon unique to the Paldean region to be revealed, ahead of November’s release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Most of which have been totally bonkers.

Typically when The Pokémon Firm reveals a brand new creature, we get a touch dropped like this, after which a pleasant press launch filled with data. So make sure you verify again later for an replace on this submit with all that additional information.



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