How To Delete A Theme From Your WordPress

Installing a theme in WordPress is easy. Although, deleting a theme can be a bit confusing. So, you may sometimes want to delete an installed theme in order to install another nicer theme. Or else, you may come across situations where a particular theme causes some issues and you may want to delete it altogether.

First, we’ll show you how to uninstall a WordPress theme from the admin dashboard. The steps to the deletion of the theme from WordPress is given below:

wordpress themes

Step 1) From your WordPress admin dashboard, navigate to Appearance >> Themes, as shown down below:


Step 2) To delete a theme, simply hover your mouse cursor over a theme and click on Theme Details button as shown in the image below:

theme wordpress

Step 3) At the bottom-right corner of the theme details page, you’ll find the Delete button. Click on the button and then click OK to confirm as shown in the image down below:

wp themes

That’s it! The theme will now disappear from both your WordPress dashboard and your hosting account.

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