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Top 10 Professional Video Editing Tips And Techniques

Top 10 Professional Video Editing Tips And Techniques

[box type=”shadow” align=”alignright” class=”” width=””]Are you new to the video editing game and unsure where to start? Not to worry, many like you have embarked on the thrilling journey of video editing. Here is a rundown of the top 10 professional tips to help you edit the video like a pro. From making your editing flow smoother, to avoiding the common pitfalls, these techniques enhance the level of your editing chops and raise the standard of your video content. [/box]

Let’s dig right in!

    1. Start with watching video editing tutorials

      Video editing is not a cakewalk. Therefore, beginners need to go through useful tutorials either on YouTube or other learning websites to understand this process in a bit more detail. Most of the tutorials are available for free, which makes them even more accessible. These learning videos let you know the key aspects of editing to keep in mind while creating the final video. Remember that there is always a scope for improvement, no matter how much experience you have in this domain.

    2. Select the right video editing tool

      Picking the right video editor is absolutely important to give the desired final touch to the video. However, this is not as simple as it sounds, thanks to the plethora of options available in the market. The internet is stuffed with tons of video editing tools that claim to deliver the best performance, but not all of them sync with your needs.

    3. Get the right computer

      While having the latest computer won’t necessarily make you a professional editor, it can really save your time and lets you focus more on the story you want to portray. It is important to get a computer with an excellent storage capacity so you can easily save all your tasks without worrying about the system slowing down. Go for the option that comes with at least 8GB RAM to enjoy faster editing speeds. The more RAM, the better. Also, you should choose a computer with better video cards to get the best images on your monitor.

    4. Edit to tell a good story

      Before initiating video chopping, you need to remember the creative goal – to tell a great story. Look, video editing is not about adding effects but creating a compelling story that connects with the viewers.

      Cutting away the extraneous footage and correcting the order of your clips gives you the opportunity to make your video visually appealing and evoke emotions in viewers. Use your technical knowledge and experience to achieve this goal and turn your video into a great story that is worth investing the time in.

    5. Use keyboard shortcuts

      You need to be smart enough to become a professional video editor. Gone are the days when hard work used to be the only key to success. We live in an era when one needs to be smart and quick with modern technology. Use keyboard shortcuts to perform a range of in-app editing functions to cut down the extra time. If you don’t mind spending money on your passion, then invest in an editing keyboard for better results. These keyboards are usually software specific so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

    6. Learn important terms

      Getting deep into video editing requires you to learn about every single aspect of this domain, be it the keyboard shortcuts or the important terms that you generally use to communicate with other video clients. There are several terms in video editing that is impossible to figure out without any research, therefore, you need to learn all of them early on to avoid further hassle. Some of them are Montage, LCut, JCut, Cutaways, Jump Cuts, and a lot more.

    7. Make color corrections in your clips

      Color is a significant design feature that can set the mood or atmosphere of a scene. It can be modified to highlight certain subjects and evokes emotions in viewers. Color correction is also done to ensure that the color of the footage is consistent in each scene. Apart from color correction, one can also go for color grading to make the shots look as realistic as possible.

    8. Don’t forget to add the music

      Undeniably, music is the soul of any video content as it adds life and makes the shots worth watching. Adding the correct music triggers emotions and makes it look more realistic and classic. However, remember not to use just any music. Instead, invest in royalty-free music providers. Also, keep the objective of the video in mind while adding the music. The track should complement the content rather than make it stick out.

    9. Maintain a workflow

      To become a professional video editor, It is important to be systematic and organized. Keep your projects in one place to save your time and effort while finding them. Also, to work more efficiently, try using the external drives to store your footage so you can free up the computer memory and eliminate any system slow-down issues.

    10. Always obey the 321 Rule

      Whether you are new to video editing or a casual pro, you must have come across the 321 Rule. According to this thumb rule, one must keep three separate copies of every file in at least 2 different places, and one of those places must be physically separated from other locations. This is mainly the backup strategy to protect all of your footage.

      Wrapping up

      Hopefully, now you feel inspired and confident to proceed to the final cut of your video. Editing is surely a challenging task to perform but with practice and patience, you can take your skills from beginner to pro level. Bookmark the page and keep all the above-mentioned professional techniques in mind to carry out your next project with ease.

      Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Some video editing tools will help you to give your video content a final touch. What’s more, you are likely to have so much fun editing, you are unlikely to want to outsource it to anyone.



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