How to Change Your WordPress Login Page URL with Plugin

You can easily create a custom login URL if you want to take your WordPress login page customization to the next level. This can also improve the security of your website. WordPress comes with two default login URLs:

WordPress users will find it easier to remember where to log in as a result of this. Unfortunately, it also makes websites vulnerable to brute force attacks, which involve guessing login credentials repeatedly until a correct combination is found.

Changing the WordPress login URL can help protect against this possibility because hackers will need to guess more than your WordPress username and password to gain access to your admin dashboard.

Video Tutorial

Let’s look at how to use a plugin to change the WordPress login URL.

Step 1: Download, install and activate your plugin.

We recommend using the WPS Hide Login plugin to create a custom WordPress login URL:

Wordpress Login Url Change

You can get it from the WordPress Plugin Directory or install it directly from your WordPress dashboard by going to Plugins > Add New. Look for it, then click the Install Now button, followed by the Activate button.

Step 2: Generate a New Login URL

After activating the plugin, navigate to Settings > WPS Hide Login:

You will be prompted to create a new login URL with the root of your website as the root:

Wp-Admin Login Change

The default login URL after activating WPS Hide Login will be Keep this in mind in case you forget to install the plugin and are locked out of your website.



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